Agriculture MCQ

1. Standard size of Agrometology Observatory is –
A) 120′ x 100′
B) 140′ x 100’
C) 160′ x 120′
D) 180′ x 120′

2. Harmful solar radiation absorbed by ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere is :
A) Violet rays
B) Ultra violet rays
C) Red rays
D) Infrared rays

3. Which chemical is used as defoliant to improve boll opening in cotton?
A) Thiadiazuron 100g/ha
B) NAA 30g/ ha
C) Colchicine 10g/ ha
D) TGA 50g/ ha

4. “Madhuri” is an improved cultivar of which type of maize crop?
A) Quality Protein corn
B) Baby corn
C) Pop corn
D) Sweet corn

5. Crop logging is a method of :
A) Soil fertility evaluation
B) Plan for assessing requirement of nutrients for yield maximization.
C) Assessing crop damage
D) Testing suitability of fertilizer

6. Major constituent of sunhemp fibe, which makes it the most suitable indigenous raw material for currency paper, is:
A) Cellulose
B) Pentosan
C) Lignin
D) Urinic anhydrite

7. The deviation from the mean daily temperature to the minimum threshold temperature of a crop is termed as:
A) Diurnal variation
B) Heat Unit
C) Temperature gradient
D) Lapse rate

8. The total water resources available through annual precipitation in India is estimated to be:
A) 5320 Billion cubic meter (BCM)
B) 4000 BCM
C) 1800 BCM
D) 1700 BCM

9. Individual crop has its minimum, optimum and maximum temperature for growth and development is called as:
A) Temperature gradient
B) Required temperatures
C) Cardinal temperatures
D) Diurnal variation in temperatures

10. Simultaneous use of two sources of water namely surface and underground water, to irrigate a piece of land is called as-
A) Consumptive use of water
B) Seasonal consumptive use of water
C) Conjunctive use of water
D) Total crop water requirement

11. Amongst cereals, the grains of which crop possess the highest fat content?
A) Pearl millet
B) Sorghum
C) Wheat
D) Barley

12. Name multi-cut cultivar of forage sorghum-
A) Pusa chari 6
B) Rajasthan chari 2
C) SSG 59-3
D) HC 308

13. Mustard oil cake is unpalatable due to presence of-
A) Sinirgin
B) Carotenoides
C) Selenium
D) Magnesium

14. Indian Institute of spices Research is situated at –
A) Ajmer
B) Anand
C) Calicut
D) New Delhi

15. Which variety of sesame possesses quardri carpelletum capsule?
A) RT 46
B) RT 125
C) RT 346
D) RT 351

16. Chromosome number (2n) in american cotton (G. hirsutum) is-
A) 16
B) 26
C) 32
D) 52

17. Sharbati sonora was produced by treating sonora – 64 with-
A) Alpha rays
B) Beta rays
C) Gamma rays
D) X – rays

18. The ratio of amount of water stored in the rool zone of plants to the amount of irrigation water delivered to the field is known as
A) Water use efficiency
B) Water Application efficiency
C) Water storage efficiency
D) Water Distribution efficiency

19. Suitable example of reflectant type of anti- transpirant is –
A) Kaolin
B) Phenyl mercuric acetate
C) Hexadeconol
D) Maleic hydrazide

20. Flow rate of irrigation water one cumec-day equals to quantity of water-
A) 6.34 hectare meter
B) 8.64 hectare meter
C) 10.12 hectare meter
D) 14.36 hectare meter

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21. Physiological drought is on account of-
A) Annual average rainfall is less than ET
B) Average rainfall is less than normal rainfall
C) Low humidity and high wind velocity
D) Higher osmotic pressure of soil solution

22. Genetically modified organisms includes incorporation of herbicide resistant trait is available in the crop-
A) Cotton
B) Brinjal
C) Soybean
D) Tobacco

23. A process by which a virus transfers genetic material from one bacterium to another is called as-
A) Transformation
B) Transduction
C) Inversion
D) Conjugation

24. A cross between F1 or a segregating generation and one of its parents is termed as
A) Mixed cross
B) Back cross
C) Monohybrid cross
D) Dihybrid cross

25. Which type of commercially cultivated hybrid will give maximum degree of heterosis and uniform plants?
A) Single cross hybrid
B) Double cross hybrid
C) Three cross hybrid
D) Top cross hybrid

26. The method of breeding that gives the maximum opportunity for the breeder to use his/ her skill and judgment for the selection of plants is?
A) Bulk method
B) Introduction and selection
C) Pedigree method
D) Mass selection

27. A genome that is diploid but contains an extra chromosome, homologous with one of the existing pairs, so that one kind of chromosome is present in triplicate
A) Trisomic
B) Trioecious
C) Triploidy
D) Triplex

28. Which of the following fertilizer/s is/ are not produced in India
B) Urea
C) Muriate of potash
D) All of these

29. The upper limit of soil moisture availability for plant growth?
A) Matric Suction
B) Field Capacity
C) Hygroscopic coefficient

30. Flame photometer is used in the detection of which of the following nutrients(s)?
A) N and P
B) N and K
C) K
D) P

31. In universal soil loss equation, A=RKLSCP, K denotes
A) Soil conservation practice
B) Soil roughness
C) Soil erodibility
D) None of these

32. Reconnaissance soil survey carried out to produce maps for planning in all the states of the country at the scale of
A) 1:8000
B) 1.12000
C) 1:20000
D) 1:250000

33. Quartz mineral is composed of
A) Aluminium silicate
B) Silicon dioxide
C) Ferro – magnesium silicate
D) Hydrated aluminium silicate

34. The headquarter of National centre of organic farming is located at
A) New Delhi
B) Hyderabad
C) Bhopal
D) Ghaziabad

35. The concept of biodynamic manure was given by
A) Albert Howard
B) Walter Northbourne
C) C.L.Acharya
D) Rudolf Steiner

36. Which of the following crop is used as indicator crop for the deficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc?
A) Potato
B) Cauliflower
C) Rice
D) Maize

37. Which of the following Fertilizer is not compatible for using in fertigation with the potassium sulfate?
A) Urea
B) Ammonium nitrate
C) Calcium nitrate
D) Potassium nitrate

38. The role of parent material in soil formation is
A) Initially passive and later on active
B) Initially active and later on passive
C) Active
D) Passive

39. A soil survey undertaken to prepare resource inventory of large areas is called as
A) Reconnaissance soil survey
B) Detailed soil survey
C) Semi- detailed survey
D) Detailed reconnaissance survey

40. The optimum row to row and plant to plant spacing for early cabbage is
A) 60 cm x 45 cm
B) 60 cm x 60 cm
C) 45 cm x 45 cm
D) 45 cm x 30 cm

41. The seed rate for hybrid capsicum varieties is-
A) 200 – 250 g/ha.
B) 750 – 800 g/ha.
C) 1000 – 1500 g/ha.
D) 2000 – 2500 g/ha.

42. Indian goose berry belongs to family-
A) Rutaceae
B) Leguminoceae
C) Euphorbiaceae
D) Anacardiaceae

43. Spongy tissue disorder hamper the export of mango variety-
A) Bombay Green
B) Kesar
C) Alphanso
D) Dashehari

44. Which one of the following fruit is not a monocotyledonens?
A) Pineapple
B) Papaya
C) Datepalm
D) Banana

45. Which of the following hormone is used for degreening in citrus?
A) Auxins
B) Cytokinins
C) GA 3
D) Ethephon

46. Botanically, banana fruit is a –
A) Berry
B) Nut
C) Pome
D) Drupe

47. Early Nantes is an important variety of-
A) Carrot
B) Cauliflower
C) Cabbage
D) Pea

48. “RATNA’ variety of mango is a cross of-
A) Neelum x Dashehri
B) Dashehri x Neelum
C) Alphanso x Sindhu
D) Neelum X Alphonso

49. “Puffiness is a physiological disorder of which crop?
A) Tomato
B) Chilli
C) Cauliflower
D) Cabbage

50. Diara land cultivation of vegetable is related to –
A) Solanaceous
B) Cucurbitaceae
C) Cole crops
D) Leafy vegetables

51. “Pusa Mahak’ is a variety of which flower crop-
A) Marigold
B) Tuberose
C) Rose
D) Jasmine

52. Formal channel of marketing is-
A) Direct sale to consumer
B) Sale in village itself to travelling merchants
C) Sale in nearby market
D) All of these

53. Which one of the following is not an objective of farm planning.
A) Efficient use of farm resources
B) Help to raise and stablize farm income
C) Give consideration for efficient marketing facilities
D) Analyzing plan for the use of natural resources of the command of the decision maker.

54. Who is the father of ‘ Modern Theory of Management’ ?
A) Henri Fayol
B) Terry
C) Franklin
D) None of these

55. Grouping of two or more than two consumers for a product or service so that their needs are better served, can be defined as-
A) Group Segment
B) Policy Segment
C) Market Segment
D) None of these