Voice Change Exercise for Class 9

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Voice Change Exercise for Class 9

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Practice Set on Voice Change for Class 9 Students

Change the Voice of the following Sentences. Answers are given below.

1. A great deal of general amusement was caused by this incident.

2. A porter was carrying his luggage.

3. All the classes must be attended by you.

4. Anil threw the ball.

5. Are you watching the movie?

6. Ayan made us laugh.

7. Bela is singing a song.

8. Bhola Grandpa almost lost his senses in fear.

9. Bhola Grandpa confessed that there was no real treasure.

10. Bhola Grandpa had taken his grandson to the festival.

11. By this time the dental instrument was ready.

12. Close the door please.

13. Close the door.

14. Come in.

15. Didn’t your team-leader teach you how to edit a manuscript?

16. Discipline should be maintained.

17. Do it.

18. Do not open the door.

19. Do not rob the poor.

20. Do the sum.

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21. Do you eat rice regularly?

22. Do you know Mr Das?

23. Don’t cry bitterly.

24. Don’t shake me.

25. Draw the line.

26. Everybody knows that Columbus discovered America.

27. Everyone in our party was surprised.

28. Give me a glass of water.

29. Go there.

30. Had they constructed this building ?

31. Has he taken his breakfast?

32. Has Shila broken the glass ?

33. He annoyed his teacher.

34. He did not know the necessary symptoms.

35. He doesn’t open the book.

36. He dropped his legs to stand on the green sea.

37. He had made his first flight.

38. He had seen his older brother catch his first herring.

39. He had taken a cosy shelter under a cow’s belly.

40. He investigated his body with the hope of finding some ailment.

41. He is calling his brothers.

42. He is going to do the work.

43. He killed himself.

44. He peers at you from one of the higher perches.

45. He pleased me with his act.

46. He saw his two brothers and his sister lying on the plateau.

47. He stretched out his left hand for the cap.

48. He told me that he would find an interesting book for me.

49. He was declared dead.

50. He will draw a picture.

51. Help the poor.

52. His conduct shocked me.

53. His mother had picked up a piece of fish.

54. How did Rekha get the job?

55. How did you kill the goat?

56. How did you teach her grammar ?

57. How had they completed the work?

58. I am forced to carry the diseases.

59. I am to buy a book.

60. I don’t believe it.

61. I drew a cartoon of Sethji and showed my drawing to all the other passengers except him.

62. I drew a cartoon of Sethji and showed my drawing to all the other passengers except him.

63. I forgive everybody.

64. I found a little plain on the side of a rising hill.

65. I got a window seat overlooking the platform.

66. I greeted Mr Roy.

67. I had spent three hundred and sixty five days on this island.

68. I saw some fair weather around 7th November.

69. I shall buy a cricket bat.

70. I spent the next couple of days making small wooden boxes.

71. I was struck by the genius of a monkey.

72. I watch this cloudy evening fall.

73. It would kill me.

74. Just then the train was announced by the ringing of the station bell.

75. Keep your promise.

76. Let me help you.

77. Let me listen to the song.

78. Look at the picture.

79. Mango tastes sweet.

80. Many books were donated to the library by the local people.

81. Mr Khan is known to me.

82. My brother lost my favourite pen.

83. My purse has been stolen.

84. Obey your teacher.

85. One should keep one’s promises.

86. Open the door.

87. Open your mouth.

88. Our soldiers were defending the town.

89. Please, don’t open the door.

90. Put up the important notice.

91. Read loudly.

92. Rome was founded by Romulus.

93. She sent for the Country Inspector.

94. She wrote a letter.

95. Should he be called by me?

96. Sid shook him and looked in his face anxiously.

97. Sign here.

98. Some other passengers joined me in the compartment.

99. Spring has forgotten the garden.

100. Students are making a noise.

101. Suddenly he discovered something.

102. Suddenly Tom discovered something.

103. Tears filled her eyes.

104. The author has not finished the writing.

105. The bather then requested the monkey to return his loin cloth.

106. The boy was seen in the train.

107. The boys had eaten all the cakes before the party began.

108. The children put their hands to their ears.

109. The conductor pulled the bell.

110. The cows are milking.

111. The days were filled with the gush of water and endless

112. The football team will put up a brave fight.

113. The man is writing a letter.

114. The nurse will attend to the patient.

115. The project will be finished by the students.

116. The Roman expected to conquer Carthage.

117. The sight of the food maddened him.

118. The vendor offered the Sethji his cap.

119. The younger woman carried a little Pekinese dog.

120. Then he saw his two brothers and his sister flying around him.

121. They have seen the strange light.

122. They pushed each other.

123. They set up a civilization in this raining world.

124. They took off their jackets.

125. They want to see the launching of the ship.

126. They were burying a large box.

127. They were teaching them the art of flight.

128. Tithi is writing a letter.

129. Tom, I love you so much.

130. Walk gently.

131. We are taught grammar by Ms Sullivan.

132. We have found visitors trying to give the chimpanzees lighted cigarettes.

133. We know that Columbus discovered America.

134. We shall have bought the books by tomorrow.

135. We will not admit children under ten.

136. Were the boys playing cricket?

137. When do you write stories?

138. Where did he lose his mobile phone ?

139. Where did you see it?

140. Which mobile phone has she lost?

141. Who is doing the job properly?

142. Whom did you see at the bus stop ?

143. Why did you scold her ?

144. You are requested to sit down here.

145. You can hear a robin’s song.

146. You must take the dog out.

147. You’ll kill me.

Answers of the Above Questions

1. This incident caused a great deal of general amusement.

2. His luggage was being carried by a porter.

3. You must attend all the classes.

4. The ball was thrown by Anil.

5. Is the movie being watched by you ?

6. We were made to laugh by Ayan.

7. A song is being sung by Bela.

8. His senses were almost lost in fear by Bhola Grandpa.

9. That there was no real treasure was confessed by Bhola Grandpa.

10. His grandson had been taken to the festival by Bhola Grandpa.

11. By this time someone made the dental instrument ready.

12. You are requested to close the door.

13. Let the door be closed.

14. You are told to come in.

15. Weren’t you taught by your team-leader how to edit a manuscript?

16. One should maintain discipline.

17. Let it be done.

18. Let not the door be opened.

19. You are requested not to rob the poor.

20. Let the sum be done by you.

21. Is rice eaten by you regularly?

22. Is Mr Das known to you?

23. You are told not to cry bitterly.

24. You are requested not to shake me.

25. Let the line be drawn.

26. It is known to everybody that America was discovered by Columbus.

27. It surprised everyone in our party.

28. Let a glass of water be given to me.

29. You are told to go there.

30. Had this building been constructed by them?

31. Has his breakfast been taken by him?

32. Has the glass been broken by Shila?

33. His teacher was annoyed by him.

34. The necessary symptoms were not known to him.

35. The book is not opened by him.

36. His legs were dropped by him to stand on the green sea.

37. His first flight had been made.

38. His older brother had been seen to catch his first herring by him.

39. A cosy shelter under a cow’s belly had been taken by him.

40. His body was investigated with the hope of finding some ailment by him.

41. His brothers are being called by him.

42. The work is going to be done by him.

43. He was killed by himself.

44. You are peered at by him from one of the higher perches.

45. I was pleased by him with his act.

46. His two brothers and his sister were seen lying on the plateau by him.

47. His left hand was stretched out for the cap.

48. I was told by him that he would find an interesting book for me.

49. Someone declared him dead.

50. A picture will be drawn by him.

51. Let the poor be helped.

52. I was shocked by his conduct.

53. A piece of fish had been picked up by his mother.

54. How was the job gotten/got by Rekha ?

55. How was the goat killed by you?

56. How was she taught grammar by you?

57. How had the work been completed by them?

58. Someone forces me to carry the diseases.

59. A book is to be bought by me.

60. It is not believed by me.

61. A cartoon of Sethji was drawn by me and my drawing was shown to all the other passengers except him.

62. A cartoon of Sethji was drawn and shown by me to all the other passengers except him.

63. Everybody is forgiven by me.

64. A little plain on the side of a rising hill was found by me.

65. A window seat overlooking the platform was got by me.

66. Mr Roy was greeted by us.

67. Three hundred and sixty five days were spent on this island by me.

68. Some fair weather around 7th November was seen by me.

69. A cricket bat will be bought be me.

70. The next couple of days were spent by me making small wooden boxes.

71. The genius of a monkey struck me.

72. This cloudy evening fall is watched by me.

73. I would be killed by it.

74. Just then the ringing of the station bell announced the train.

75. Let your promise be kept.

76. Let you be helped by me.

77. Let the song be listened to by me.

78. Let the picture be looked at.

79. Mango is sweet when it is tasted.

80. The local people donated many books to the library.

81. I know Mr Khan.

82. My favourite pen was lost by my brother.

83. Someone has stolen my purse.

84. Let your teacher be obeyed.

85. Promises should be kept.

86. Let the door be opened.

87. Let your month be opened.

88. The town was being defended by our soldiers.

89. You are requested not to open the door.

90. Let the important notice be put up.

91. You are told to read loudly.

92. Romulus founded Rome.

93. The Country Inspector was sent for by her.

94. A letter was written by her.

95. Should I call him?

96. He was shaken and looked in his face anxiously by Sid.

97. You are requested to sign here.

98. I was joined in the compartment by some other passengers.

99. The books will have been bought by us by tomorrow.

100. A noise is being made by students.

101. Suddenly something was discovered by him.

102. Suddenly something was discovered by Tom.

103. Her eyes were filled with tears.

104. The writing has not been finished by the author.

105. The monkey was then requested to return his loin cloth by the bather.

106. People saw the boy in the train.

107. All the cakes had been eaten by the boys before the party began.

108. Their hands were put to their ears by the children.

109. The bell was pulled by the conductor.

110. The cows are being milked.

111. The gush of water and endless shower filled the days.

112. A brave fight will be put up by the football team.

113. A letter is being written by the man.

114. The patient will be attended to by the nurse.

115. The students will finish the project.

116. It was expected that Carthage should be conquered by the Roman.

117. He was maddened by the sight of the food.

118. The Sethji was offered his cap by the vendor.

119. A little Pekinese dog was carried by the younger woman.

120. Then his two brothers and his sister were seen by him flying around him.

121. The strange light has been seen by them.

122. Each of them was pushed by the other.

123. A civilization was set up in this raining world by them.

124. Their jackets were taken off by them.

125. It is wanted that the launching of the ship is to be seen by them.

126. A large box was being buried by them.

127. The art of flight was being taught to them by them.

128. A letter is being written by Tithi.

129. Tom, you are loved so much by me.

130. You are told to walk gently.

131. Ms Sullivan teaches us grammar.

132. Visitors trying to give the chimpanzees lighted cigarettes have been found by us.

133. That America was discovered by Columbus is known to us.

134. The garden has been forgotten by spring.

135. Children under ten will not be admitted by us.

136. Was cricket being played by the boys?

137. When are stories written by you?

138. Where was his mobile phone lost by him?

139. Where was it seen by you?

140. Which mobile phone has been lost by her ?

141. By whom is the job being done properly?

142. Who was seen by you at the bus stop ?

143. Why was she scolded by you?

144. Please sit down here.

145. A robin’s song can be heard by you.

146. The dog must be taken out by you.

147. I’ll be killed by you.