Veterinary Objective Question

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Veterinary Objective Question

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Objective Question Papers on Veterinary and Animal Husbandry

1. Which one of the following has the maximum CNS stimulant action.
(a) d-amphetamine
(b) I- amphetamine
(c) Adrenaline
(d) Isoprenaline

2. The enzyme present in the body which converts cyanide to much less toxic cyanate
(a) Rhodanase
(b) Catalase
(c) Lytochrome oxidase
(d) None of the above

3. When the combination effect of two drugs is greater than the sum of the effect of each agent given alone the drug is said to be.
(a) Synergistic
(b) Antagonist
(c) Additive
(d) None of the above

4. An intra muscular anaesthetics is
(a) Tiletamine
(b) Xylazine
(c) Thiopentone sodium
(d) Fentanyl

5. The antidote of methyl alcohol is
(a) Disulfiram
(b) Curd
(c) Ethyl Alcohol
(d) Activated charcoal

6. A study on the effects of drugs on human and animals is
(a) Therapeutics
(b) Clinical Pharmacology
(c) Chemotheraphy
(d) Pharmacotherapeutics

7. The most common anticholinergic agent in the prevention and treatment of motion sickness is
(a) Domperidone
(b) Cyclizine
(c) Metochlopromide
(d) Scopolamine

8. An anti hormone used in cancer therapy is
(a) Mitotane
(b) Tamoxifen
(c) Procarbazine
(d) None of the above

9. The following drugs is antidiuretic only in diabetis insipidus
(a) Atropine
(b) Theoplyline
(c) Chlorothiazide
(d) ADH

10. Systemic antifungal drug is:
(a) Clotrimazole
(b) Econazole
(c) Ketoconazole
(d) Miconazole

11. Disodium Calcium EDTA is the antidote of:
(a) Selenium poisoning
(b) Lead poisoning
(c) Arsenic poisoning
(d) Copper poisoning

12. Example of organophosphate insecticide:
(a) BHC
(b) Endosulfan
(c) 2,4-D
(d) Malathion

13. Atropine is contraindicated in:
(a) Urinary retention
(b) Bronchial asthma
(c) Partial heart block
(d) All of these

14. The drug acting by non receptor mediated action is:
(a) Strychnine
(b) Halothane
(c) Carbachol
(d) Neostigmine

15. Which of the following inhibits prolactin release:
(a) Ach
(b) Noradrenaline
(c) Adrenaline
(d) Dopamine

16. Example of centre muscle relaxant is:
(a) Baclofen
(b) Dantrolene
(c) Gallamine
(d) d-Tubocurarine

17. In India the grading, marking and defining the quality of butter and ghee is done by
(b) BIS
(c) FDA
(d) PFA

18. In strerilized milk, the spore count should not be more than
(a) 5/ml
(b) 10/ml
(c) 20/ml
(d) 15/ml

19. Bleu spots in meat are due to
(a) Clostridium botulism
(b) Clalosporium herbarum
(c) Clostridium sporogenes
(d) Pseudomonous Syncyanea

20. Yellow fat disease in pig is due to
(a) Jaundice
(b) Improper sticking
(c) Fish diet
(d) Salmonellosis

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21. An indicator of air pollution is
(a) Chlorine
(b) Smoke index
(c) Sulphur dioxide
(d) H2S

22. Malaria is an example of
(a) Water borne disease
(b) Direct zoonosis
(c) Water promoted disease
(d) Water washed disease

23. Drinking water should be
(a) Hard water
(b) Moderately hard
(c) Soft water
(d) None of the above

24. Zoonotic disease transmitted by human faeces is
(a) Hydatidosis
(b) Cysticercosis
(c) Small pox
(d) None of the above

25. The judgment earned by a poultry carcuss which shows localized lesions or contamination not affecting the health of the rest meat is
(a) Conditionally approved
(b) Partially condemned
(c) Passed for human consumption
(d) Unfit for human consumption

26. Rat normally polluted the environment through their urine containing microbes like
(a) Borellia
(b) Stapliglococci
(c) Leptospira
(d) Trepanoma

27. First foodborne virus reported was:
(a) FMD virus
(b) Rabies
(c) Hapatitis A
(d) Poliomyelitis

28. The worldwide spread of a disease is known as:
(a) Sporadic
(b) Pandemic
(c) Epidemic
(d) Endemic

29. Which of the following is the rapid platform test:
(a) Coagulate on cooling
(b) Clot on boiling
(c) Micro calorimetry
(d) Spot on paper

30. Q. fever in animal is cause by:
(a) Protozoa
(b) Virus
(c) Bacteria
(d) Fungus

31. The term anthroponosis is given by:
(a) Rudolf Virchow
(b) Wagner
(c) Lowe
(d) Curtice

32. Imported swine is quarantined for:
(a) 15 days
(b) 90 days
(c) 10 days
(d) 20 days

33. Rat bite fever is caused by:
(a) Coxiella burnetti
(b) Rickettsia prowazeski
(c) Nocardia asteruide
(d) Streptobacillus moniliformis

34. In human universal donor blood group is
(a) Group B
(b) Group O
(c) Group A
(d) Group AB

35. In lower vertebrate, the most developed part of the brain is
(a) Hypothalamous
(b) Cerebellum
(c) Cerebrum
(d) Thalamus

36. Blood does not clot within the normal vasculature because of
(a) Presence of coagulation factor
(b) more of anticoagulants than procoagulants
(c) Smooth vascular endothelium
(d) All of these

37. Velocity of nerve impulse is high in
(a) Non myelinated nerve fibre
(b) Myelineated nerve fibres
(c) Large diameter nerve fibre
(d) Somatic than other nerve fibre

38. The natural anticoagulant present in blood is
(a) Heparin
(b) Thrombin
(c) Hirudin
(d) Dicoumerol

39. Example of an organ having both endocrine and other bodily functions is
(a) Pituitory
(b) Adrenal
(c) Para thyroid
(d) Pancrease

40. The chief inspiratory muscle in cow is
(a) Intercostal muscle
(b) Latissmus dorsi
(c) Diaphragm
(d) Laryngeal

41. Diabetis melitus is due to hormonal imbalance of
(a) Glucagan
(b) Epinerphrine
(c) ADH
(d) Insulin

42. The principal sex hormone are
(a) Androgen and progesterone
(b) Estrogen alone
(c) Androgen and Oestrogen
(d) Androgen alone

43. The functional unit of Kidney is
(a) Glomerulin
(b) Nephron
(c) Medula
(d) Juxtaglomerular apparatus

44. Ketone bodies are produced due to incomplete oxidation of
(a) Ketose sugars
(b) Purirnus
(c) Amino acids
(d) Falty Acids

45. PH is the method of expressing
(a) Total acidity
(b) Total Alkalinity
(c) Free acidity
(d) None of the above

46. The end product of purine catabolism in man is
(a) Urea
(b) Ammonia
(c) Uric acid
(d) None of the above

47. Diffusion capacity of O2 increased at high altitude upto:
(a) 2 times
(b) 3 times
(c) 4 times
(d) 5 times

48. Oxytocin synthesis occurs in following structures of the brain:
(a) Basal ganglia
(b) Hypothalamus
(c) Medulla oblongata
(d) Cerebellum

49. The foetal hormone responsible for initiating parturition in the Dam is:
(a) Insulin
(b) Adrenal corticoids
(c) Oestrogen
(d) Foetal PG

50. Urine of animal is thickest:
(a) Cow
(b) Buffalo
(c) Cat
(d) Horse