Typical Questions on Computer Science and Engineering

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Typical Questions on Computer Science and Engineering
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Computer Science and Engineering Typical Questions

1. Which among the following is not a necessary condition for constructors?
(a) Its name must be same as that of class
(b) It must not have any return type
(c) It must contain a definition body
(d) It can contains arguments

2. If a programmer defines a class and defines a default value parameterized constructor inside it. He has not defined any default constructor. And then he try to create the object without passing arguments, which among the following will be correct?
(a) It will not create the object (as parameterized constructor is used)
(b) It will create the object (as the default arguments are passed)
(c) It will not create the object (as the default constructor is not defined)
(d) It will create the object (as at least some constructor is defined)

3. Which feature allows open recursion, among the following?
(a) Use of this pointer
(b) Use of pointers
(c) Use of pass by value
(d) Use of parameterized constructor

4. When an object is returned, __________
(a) A temporary object is created to return the value
(b) The same object used in function is used to return the value
(c) The Object can be returned without creation of temporary object
(d) Object are returned implicitly, we can’t say how it happens inside program

5. Why reference is not same as a pointer?
(a) A reference can never be null.
(b) A reference once established cannot be changed.
(c) Reference doesn’t need an explicit dereferencing mechanism.
(d) All of these

6. Which among the following doesn’t come under OOP concept?
(a) Platform independent
(b) Data binding
(c) Message passing
(d) Data hiding

7. What is the additional feature in classes that was not in structures?
(a) Data members
(b) Member functions
(c) Static data allowed
(d) Public access specifier

8. Which among the following can be used together in a single class?
(a) Only private
(b) Private and Protected together
(c) Private and Public together
(d) All three together

9. The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is referred as:
(a) Picture
(b) Resolution
(c) Persistence
(d) Density

10. In which system, the Shadow mask methods are commonly used:
(a) Raster-scan system
(b) Random-scan system
(c) Both a and b
(d) None of these

11. In LCD, the refresh rate of the screen is:
(a) 60 frames/sec
(b) 80 frames/sec
(c) 30 frames/sec
(d) 100 frames/sec

12. In Bresenham’s line algorithm, if the distances d1 < d2 then decision parameter Pk is:
(a) Positive
(b) Equal
(c) Negative
(d) zero

13. Coordinate references in the polyline function are stated as:
(a) Relative coordinate values
(b) Absolute coordinate values
(c) Current position
(d) Real coordinate values

14. If the boundary is specified in a single color, and if the algorithm proceeds pixel by pixel until the boundary color is encountered is called :
(a) Scan-line fill algorithm
(b) Boundary-fill algorithm
(c) Flood-fill algorithm
(d) Parallel curve algorithm

15. The operator that is used for combining a fill pattern with a background pattern is:
(a) AND operator
(b) OR operator
(c) X-OR operator
(d) All of these

16. If the value of sx=1 and sy=1 in scaling then:
(a) Reduce the size of object
(b) Distort the picture
(c) Produce an enlargement
(d) No change in the size of an object

17. We can combine the multiplicative and translational terms for 2D into a single matrix representation by expanding :
(a) 2 by 2 matrix into 4*4 matrix
(b) 2 by 2 matrix into 3*3
(c) 3 by 3 matrix into 2 by 2
(d) 4*4 matrix into 3 by 3

18. In a polygon, if a line joining any of its two interior points lies completely within it are called:
(a) convex polygon
(b) concave Polygon
(c) Regular Polygon
(d) Uniform Polygon

19. The rectangle portion of the interface window that defines where the image will actually appear are called:
(a) Transformation viewing
(b) View port
(c) Clipping window
(d) Screen coordinate system

20. ___________ as the most commonly used boundary presentation for a 3-D graphics object
(a) Data polygon
(b) Surface polygon
(c) System polygon
(d) None of these

21. A Bezier curve is a polynomial of degree ___________ the no of control points used
(a) One more than
(b) One less than
(c) Two less than
(d) Two more than

22. The projection that can be viewed as the projection that has a centre of projection at a finite distance from the plane of projection are called:
(a) Parallel projection
(b) Perspective projection
(c) Isometric projection
(d) Linear Projection

23. The method which is based on the principle of checking the visibility point at each pixel position on the projection plane are called:
(a) Object-space method
(b) image-space method
(c) Pixel point Method
(d) Projection Point Method

24. In graphical system, the array of pixels in the picture are stored in:
(a) Memory
(b) Frame buffer
(c) Processor
(d) All of these

25. Heat supplied to the cathode by directing a current through a coil of wire is called:
(a) Electron gun
(b) Electron beam
(c) Filament
(d) Anode and cathode

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26. The primary output device in a graphics system is:
(a) Scanner
(b) Video monitor
(c) Neither a nor b
(d) Printer

27. Aspect ratio means:
(a) Number of pixels
(b) Ratio of vertical points to horizontal points
(c) Ratio of horizontal points to vertical points
(d) Both (b) and (c)

28. For lines with slope magnitude |m|<1, ?x can be:
(a) A set corresponding vertical deflection
(b) A set proportional to a small horizontal deflection voltage
(c) Only (a)
(d) All of these

29. Which algorithm is a faster method for calculating pixel positions?
(a) Bresenham’s line algorithm
(b) Parallel line algorithm
(c) Mid-point algorithm
(d) DDA line algorithm

30. The algorithm which uses multiple processors to calculate pixel positions is:
(a) Midpoint algorithm
(b) Parallel line algorithm
(c) Bresenham’s line algorithm
(d) All of these

31. ___________ is defined as set of points such that the sum of the distances is same for all points.
(a) Ellipses
(b) Lines
(c) Square
(d) triangle

32. The basic parameter to curved attribute(s) is/are:
(a) Type
(b) Width
(c) Color
(d) All of these

33. If the magnitude of the curve slope is lesser than 1, then:
(a) We can plot horizontal spans
(b) We can plot vertical spans
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

34. If the slope magnitude is 1, then circles, ellipse and other curves will appear:
(a) Thick
(b) Thinnest
(c) Big
(d) Rough

35. The function of the pixel mask is:
(a) To display dashes and inter dash spaces according to the slope
(b) To display curved attributes
(c) To display the thick curves
(d) None of these

36. The color code “000” is for:
(a) White
(b) Black
(c) Blue
(d) Green

37. The fill color that is combined with the background color is known as:
(a) Soft fill
(b) Tint fill
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None

38. The advantage of B-spline over Bezier curve is:
(a) It has more control points
(b) It has smoother curve
(c) It passes through more control points
(d) It has local control

39. Database __________, which is the logical design of the database, and the database __________, which is a snapshot of the data in the database at a given instant in time.
(a) Instance, Schema
(b) Relation, Schema
(c) Relation, Domain
(d) Schema, Instance

40. A domain is atomic if elements of the domain are considered to be __________ units.
(a) Different
(b) Indivisible
(c) Constant
(d) Divisible

41. An attribute in a relation is a foreign key if the __________ key from one relation is used as an attribute in that relation.
(a) Candidate
(b) Primary
(c) Super
(d) Sub

42. A __________ integrity constraint requires that the values appearing in specified attributes of any tuple in the referencing relation also appear in specified attributes of at least one tuple in the referenced relation.
(a) Referential
(b) Referencing
(c) Specific
(d) Primary

43. Which one of the following is a procedural language?
(a) Domain relational calculus
(b) Tuple relational calculus
(c) Relational algebra
(d) Query language

44. Identify which of the following operation contains all pairs of tuples from the two relations, regardless of whether their attribute values match.
(a) Join
(b) Cartesian product
(c) Intersection
(d) Set difference

45. The basic data type char(n) is a __________ length character string and varchar(n) is __________ length character.
(a) Fixed, equal
(b) Equal, variable
(c) Fixed, variable
(d) Variable, equal

46. To remove a relation from an SQL database, we use the __________ command.
(a) Delete
(b) Purge
(c) Remove
(d) Drop table

47. __________ clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result.
(a) Select
(b) Group-by
(c) Having
(d) Order by

48. Which of the following deletes all tuples in the instructor relation for those instructors associated with a department located in the MilleniumCenter building which is in department relation.
(a) DELETE FROM instructorWHERE dept_name IN ‘ MilleniumCenter ‘;
(b) DELETE FROM department WHERE building=’ MilleniumCenter ‘;
(c) DELETE FROM instructor WHERE dept_name IN (SELECT dept name FROM department WHERE building = ’ MilleniumCenter’);
(d) None of these

49. In order to undo the work of transaction after last commit which one should be used?
(a) View
(b) Commit
(c) Rollback
(d) Flashback

50. To include integrity constraint in a existing relation use:
(a) Create table
(b) Modify table
(c) Alter table
(d) Drop table