Typical Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Typical Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Typical Question Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. A patient presents with foreign body sensation in eyes with swollen knee joint after a leisure trip. The most probable diagnosis is:
(A) Sarcoidosis
(B) Reiter’s Disease
(C) Bechet’s Disease

2. Two most important tests to be done in a comatose patient with blood glucose of 750mg/dl will be:
(A) Serum Creatinine and Blood pH
(B) CSF examination and Blood urea
(C) Blood pH and Serum sodium
(D) Serum Creatinine and CSF examination

3. Which of the following is the best localizing study for parathyroid adenoma?
(A) CT Scan
(B) MRI Scan
(C) PET Scan
(D) Sestamibi Scan

4. Which of the following is the MOST common presentation of Neurocysticercosis?
(A) Epilepsy
(B) Focal neurological deficits
(C) Raised intracranial pressure
(D) Signs of meningeal irritation

5. Sickle cell anemia leads to the resistance towards:
(A) P. Falciparum
(B) P. Ovale
(C) P. Malariae
(D) P. Vivax

6. A patient presents with Thrombocytopenia, eczema and recurrent infection. The most probable diagnosis is:
(A) Chediak-Higashi Syndrome
(B) Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
(C) Job’s syndrome
(D) Bruton’s Agammaglobulinemia

7. ECG is poor in detecting ischemia in areas supplied by which of the following vessels?
(A) Left Anterior Descending
(B) Left Circumflex
(C) Left Coronary Artery
(D) Right Coronary Artery

8. Round Pneumonia is seen with:
(A) Streptococcal Pneumonia
(B) Kerosene oil aspiration
(C) Lung cancer
(D) Mendelson syndrome

9. Bronchial asthma is best diagnosed by:
(A) Dyspnea and cough
(B) FEV1 values
(C) Demonstration of reversible obstruction
(D) Normal FEV1 values

10. Pulmonary hypertension in COPD is due to all except:
(A) Hypoxia
(B) Pulmonary vasoconstriction
(C) High lung volume
(D) Bronchoconstriction

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. The Diuretic Phase of Acute Renal Failure typically begins after:
(A) 1st day
(B) 3rd day
(C) 14th day
(D) 28th day

12. Disease that does not occur in the kidney after renal transplant is:
(A) Alport syndrome
(B) Amyloidosis
(C) Good Pasteur’s syndrome
(D) Diabetic nephropathy

13. Hyperkeratosis of palm and sole is seen in:
(A) Carcinoma colon
(B) Hepatoma
(C) Adenocarcinoma of lung
(D) Carcinomaoesophagus

14. The following is the least useful investigation in multiple myeloma:
(B) X-ray
(C) Bone scan
(D) Bone marrow biopsy

15. A 60 year old man has h/0 IHD and atherosclerosis. He presents with abdominal pain and maroon stools, the likely diagnosis is:
(A) Acute intestinal obstruction
(B) Acute mesenteric ischemia
(C) Peritonitis
(D) Appendicitis

16. ‘Fir tree’ type of distribution is seen in:
(A) Pityriasis Rosea
(B) Psoriasis
(C) Measles
(D) Secondary syphilis

17. Most characteristic feature of lichen planus is:
(A) Thinning of nail plate is most common
(B) Non-scarring alopecia
(C) Violaceous lesion on skin and mucous membrane
(D) Wickham striae

18. Folie a deux is seen in:
(A) Hysteria
(B) Depression
(D) Paranoid

19. In majority the commonest endometrial pattern in DUB is:
(A) Normal
(B) Hyperplastic with Swisscheese appearance
(C) Non-secretory
(D) Atropic

20. The causes of dyspareunia in endometriosis is:
(A) Fixed Retroverted uterus
(B) Proiapsed fixed ovary
(C) Cervical / vaginal vault endometriosis
(D) None of the above

21. All are causes of primary amenorrhoea except:
(A) Mulierian agenesis
(B) Hypo-pituitarism
(C) Chronic an-ovulation
(D) Resistant ovarian syndrome

22. All are wrong about Tuberculosis except:
(A) it involves extremes of age
(B) In 40-60% of cases the chief complaint is infertility
(C) Menorrhagia is most common complaint
(D) Thickening of broad ligament is present

23. Most common pure malignant germ cell tumour is:
(A) Embryonal cell tumour
(B) Endodermal sinus tumour
(C) Dysgerminoma
(D) Chorio-carcinoma

24. Implantation occurs following fertilization on:
(A) 1st day
(B) 6th day
(C) 7th day
(D) 8th day

25. All are the causes of recurrent intrauterine foetal death except:
(A) Torch group of infections
(B) Maternal diabetes
(C) APLA syndrome
(D) Rh-isoimmunisation

26. Continued Pregnancy following threatened abortion is likely to have more incidence of following conditions except:
(A) Premature labour
(B) Growth retardation of foetus
(C) Foetal malformation
(D) Abruptio-placenta

27. One the following not related to Secondary PPH”- (post-partum haemorrhage) is:
(A) Retained bits of cotyledon
(B) Sepsis
(C) Poor healing of previous caesarean
(D) Morbid ‘adherent placenta

28. When does an expectant mother feel quickening?
(A) 12-18 weeks
(B) 16-20 weeks
(C) 26 weeks
(D) 24-28 weeks

29. Appendicular Mass is formed in complication of:
(A) Acute renal colic
(B) Intestinal obstruction
(C) Acute Appendicitis
(D) Gastritis

30. Dysphagia is associated with the disease of:
(A) Gall Bladder
(B) Lower G. l. Tract
(C) Upper G I. Tract
(D) Urinary Bladder

31. Acute retension of Urine in 30 years old Male is due to:
(A) Cystitis
(B) Stone in the Kidney
(C) Urethral Stricture
(D) Inguinal Hernia

32. Haematuria is associated with disease of:
(A) Genital system
(B) G I. System
(C) Respiratory system
(D) Excretory system

33. Obstructive Jaundice is due to:
(A) Viral Hepatitis
(B) Stone in Common Bile Duct
(C) Stone in Kidney
(D) Duodenal Ulcer

34. Epistaxis is a condition due to Bleeding from:
(A) Lung
(B) Stomach
(C) Ear
(D) Nose

35. Pyloric stenosis is a chronic complication of:
(A) Gall Bladder Stone
(B) Pancreatitis
(C) Duodenal Ulcer
(D) Renal Stone

36. Colles Fracture occurs in:
(A) Tibia
(B) Pelvic Bone
(C) Distal End of Radius
(D) Rib

37. Acute Pain in Abdomen with increase of Serum Amylase occurs in:
(A) Cholecystitis
(B) Intestinal Obstruction
(C) Cystitis
(D) Pancreatitis

38. Cardiospasm is a disease of:
(A) Heart
(B) Oesophagus
(C) Lung
(D) Stomach

39. Blood Transfusion is indicated in
(A) Dehydration
(B) High Fever
(C) Blood Loss
(D) Severe cough

40. Ascitis due to Portal Hypertension occurs in the disease of:
(A) Stomach
(B) Liver
(C) Spleen
(D) Gall Bladder

41. Quinsy is a complication of:
(A) Acute Tonsillitis
(B) Acute Salpingitis
(C) Acute Gastritis
(D) Apthous Ulcer of Tongue

42. Goitre is a condition where there is enlargement of:
(A) Parotid gland
(B) Thyroid gland
(C) Neck gland
(D) Tonsil

43. Hydrocele occurs due to accumulation of Serous fluid in:
(A) Pleural cavity
(B) Peritoneal cavity
(C) Tunica Vaginalis
(D) Fallopian Tube

44. Which is not a correct statement among the following?
(A) HIV is a RNA Virus and a retro virus also
(B) HIV infected people are most infectious during very early stage and when the infection is well advanced
(C) Exposed adolescent girls and women above 45 years are more prone to get HIV infection
(D) Presence of preexisting STDs reduces the chance of acquiring HIV infection

45. Which is a wrong statement among the following?
(A) Obesity appears to play no role in Type l Diabetes Mellitus Pathogenesis
(B) Genetic Factors are important Modifiable Factor for Coronary Heart Disease
(C) Environmental Factors are most important Risk Factors for all Human Cancers
(D) “Rules of Halves” was Observed in Hypertension

46. Which one is the wrong among the following?
(A) IEC — Information, Education and Communication
(B) BCC – Behavioral Changes Communication
(C) AFP —Acute Flaccid Polio
(D) PQLI – Physical Quality of Life Index

47. Which is not a correct statement among the following?
(A) Vitamin B12 is not found in food of vegetable origin.
(B) Vitamin D occurs only in food of animal origin.
(C) “Parboiling” destroys nutritional value of Rice.
(D) Cabbage and Cauliflower may contain Goitrogens.

48. Which one is not a correct match among the following?
(A) Odds Ratio – Case Control Study
(B) Relative Risk — Cohort Study
(C) Standard Deviation — Measures of Dispersion
(D) Migration Study- Randomized Control Trial

49. Which is a wrong statement among the following?
(A) History of PID since last pregnancy is an absolute contraindication of IUD.
(B) Liver disease is an absolute contraindication of combined OC pill.
(C) “Target Couples” are part of “Eligible Couples”.
(D) “Billing Method” is a natural family planning method.

50. Which is not a correct match among the following?
(A) Presumptive Coliform Test – Bacteriological Surveillance of Water
(B) Methylene Blue Reduction Test – Test of Pasturized Milk
(C) Soiling index — index of air pollution
51. Horrock’s Apparatus – Estimation of Chlorine Demand of water