Soil Geography Questions and Answers

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Soil Geography Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers on Soil Geography

1. Which one of the following does not cause soil erosion ?
(A) Deflation
(B) Deforestation
(C) Weathering
(D) Overcropping

2. Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by
(A) Afforestation
(B) Terrace cultivation
(C) Strip cropping
(D) Contour ploughing

3. The crop mainly grown in hills is :
(A) sweet corn
(B) sweet jowar
(C) sweet potato
(D) sweet pea

4. Which one of the following practices is adopted for restoring the fertility of soil ?
(A) Weeding
(B) Levelling
(C) Fallowing
(D) Harrowing

5. Which is a tropical food crop requiring a temperature of 270 C and a rain fall more than 100 cm?
(A) Wheat
(B) Maize
(C) Rice
(D) Barley

6. Coffee is a
(A) Sub- tropical shrub
(B) Warm temperate shrub
(C) Tropical shrub
(D) Cool temperate shrub

7. Contour ploughing helps in
(A) stopping floods
(B) growing crops
(C) soil conservation
(D) checking landslides

8. Black soil is mainly related with the crop of
(A) Cotton
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Tea
(D) coffee

9. Humus is a type of
(A) fossil seen on the rocks
(B) decaying organic matters in soil
(C) fertilizers applied in soil
(D) special growth found in plants

10. The significant quantity of upper soil is formed by
(A) Igneous rock
(B) Sedimentary rock
(C) Metamorphic rock
(D) Biological degradation

11. In a desert region, soil erosion can be checked by
(A) Tree plantation/afforestation
(B) Crop rotation
(C) Contour ploughing
(D) Using farm manure

12. The land which is not cultivated every year though it is suitable for cultivation :
(A) Waste land
(B) Pasture land
(C) Fallow land
(D) Cultivable waste land

13. The organic matter present in soil is known collectively as
(A) Hydrocarbons
(B) Podsols
(C) Humus
(D) Colloids

14. Which one the following soils is used for the production of bricks ?
(A) Peaty and organic
(B) Saline
(C) Laterite
(D) Red and yellow

15. Plantation of trees on a large scale to check soil erosion are called:
(A) Shelter belts
(B) Contour ploughing
(C) Strip cropping
(D) Afforestation

16. Soil formed by leaching and oxidation is
(A) Black soil
(B) Laterite soil
(C) Red soil
(D) Montane soil

17. Soil which is prone to intensive leaching due to rain is called
(A) Laterite
(B) Black
(C) Alluvial
(D) Red

18. Soil factors are otherwise known as :
(A) Edaphic factors
(B) Biotic factors
(C) Physiographic factors
(D) Climatic factors

19. Laterite soil develops as a result of :
(A) deposits of alluvial
(B) deposits of loess
(C) leaching
(D) continued vegetation cover

20. The soil water which is of the greatest importance to the plant life is
(A) Gravitational water
(B) Capillary water
(C) Hygroscopic water
(D) Combined water

Physical Geography Atmosphere
Bio Geography Earth landform
Soil Geography Universe and Solar System

21. The colour of loamy soil is
(A) Greenish brown
(B) Bluish green
(C) Yellowish brown
(D) Blackish brown

22. Laterite soils are found in area where–
(A) normal temperature and rain fall is less
(B) temperature is high and rainfall is heavy
(C) temperature is low and rainfall is nominal
(D) temperature is high and rainfall is normal

23. The soil conservation method in which mountain slope is cut into step is
(A) Contour ploughing
(B) Cover planting
(C) Strip cropping
(D) Terracing

24. For the cultivation of Tobacco the soil should be rich in
(A) calcareous matter
(B) nitrogen
(C) organic content
(D) potash

25. Which of the following types of soil is best suited for cotton cultivation ?
(A) Black
(B) Red
(C) Laterite
(D) Mountain

26. The soil which originate under tall-grass prairie vegetation is called
(A) Black soils
(B) Chestnut soils
(C) Chernozem soils
(D) Terra rosa soils

27. Mountain soil contains a lot of—
(A) Humus
(B) Clay
(C) coase material
(D) iron and aluminium salt

28. Which of the following methods does not help in conserving soil fertility and moisture?
(A) Contour ploughing
(B) Dry farming
(C) Strip cropping
(D) Shifting agriculture

29. Which one of the following methods of soil conservation is most effective in arid areas ?
(A) Mulching
(B) Shelter belt
(C) Gully plugging
(D) Terracing

30. Highly specialized form of agriculture in which crops like coffee, tea and rubber are cultivated refer to
(A) multiple cropping
(B) plantation agriculture
(C) terrace farming
(D) extensive farming

31. Identify the most infertile amongst the following soils.
(A) Black cotton soil
(B) Alluvial soil
(C) Laterite soil
(D) Peaty soil

32. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(A) Khadar – Zonal soil
(B) Podzol – Zonal soil
(C) Chestnut – Zonal soil
(D) Bhangar – Azonal soil

33. In a desert region, soil erosion can be checked by
(A) Contour ploughing
(B) Using farm manure
(C) Tree plantation/Afforestaion
(D) Crop rotation

34. ‘Terra rossa’ is a Latin word which means
(A) hot area
(B) red terrain
(C) lateritic region
(D) region near the poles

35. The soils which are rich in Calcium are known as
(A) Pedocals
(B) Pedalfers
(C) Podsols
(D) Laterites

36. Soil erosion can be prevented by
(A) Increasing bird population
(B) Afforestation
(C) Removal of vegetation
(D) Overgrazing

37. Who of the following has given the term rhizoshere :
(A) Garret
(B) Alexopolus
(C) Hiltner
(D) None of the given options

38. The asha–grey soils of high–latitude coniferous forests a known as :
(A) Tundra soils
(B) Podsols
(C) Grey–Brown soils
(D) Red and Yellow soils

39. In which region is Terrace farming done?
(A) Dry regions
(B) Slope of hills
(C) Mountain tops
(D) Rooftops

40. Alluvial soils are rich soil for crop cultivation but are poor in
(A) Humus
(B) nitrogen and humus
(C) organic material
(D) inorganic material

41. Bamboo is classified as
(A) Tree
(B) Grass
(C) Shrub
(D) Herb

42. The transfer of minerals from top soil to subsoil through soil-water is called?
(A) Percolation
(B) Conduction
(C) Leaching
(D) Transpiration

43. Black soil is also known by which of the following name ?
(A) Khadar Soil
(B) Bangar Soil
(C) Alluivial Soil
(D) Regur soil