PGT Home Science Questions and Answers

Are you eagerly waiting for the PGT Home Science Previous Papers? Don’t you have enough money to buy books for preparing the PGT Home Science written exam? Don’t feel bad! Here, we have attached the last 5-year PGT Home Science Question Paper Pdf.

PGT Home Science Questions and Answers

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Home Science Questions and Answers for PGT

1. Dietary fiber is an indigestible ………………….. .
(A) Fat
(B) Protein
(C) Carbohydrate
(D) Amino acid

2. pH of cow’s milk is :
(A) 6.0 – 6.4
(B) 7.1 – 7.6
(C) 5.0 – 6.0
(D) 6.6 – 6.9

3. The full form of PDCAAS is :
(A) Protein Digestibility Complete Amino Acid Score
(B) Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score
(C) Protein Degradation Complete Amino Acid Score
(D) Protein Degradation Corrected Amino Acid Score

4. Lipase enzyme is inactivated during the process of :
(A) Homogenisation
(B) Gelatinisation
(C) Caramelisation
(D) Pasteurisation

5. One of the following is the natural colour used in foods :
(A) Carmosine
(B) Tartrazine
(C) Matanyl Yellow
(D) Annatto

6. Organisms that tolerate low temperature and can grow under refrigeration are called :
(A) Thermoduric
(B) Psychrotrophic
(C) Mesophilic
(D) Thermotropic

7. Advantages of Line Organisation in Institutions are :
(A) Slow but steady decisions
(B) Quick decisions and direct responsibility
(C) Indirect response and hazy understanding
(D) Unclear understanding and direct responsibility

8. Baking powder contains :
(A) Sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar and corn starch
(B) Sodium bicarbonate
(C) Calcium bicarbonate, cream of tartar and corn starch
(D) Calcium bicarbonate

9. Which among the following offers a variety of courses which are priced separately ?
(A) Ala Carte
(B) Table d’ hote
(C) Buffet menu
(D) Cyclic menu

10. Hyperuricemia can lead to a disease called :
(B) Cancer
(C) Gout
(D) Diabetes

11. Which of the following has the best chemical score ?
(A) Wheat
(B) Egg
(C) Milk
(D) Pulses

12. Dietary intake of nutrients that meets the needs of almost of all healthy individuals is :
(A) RD

13. Low Birth Weight (LBW) is defined as birth weight below :
(A) 1500 g
(B) 2800 g
(C) 2200 g
(D) 2500 g

14. Sarcopenia is observed in :
(A) Infancy
(B) Childhood
(C) Pregnancy
(D) Old age

15. Commonly used iron salt for fortification :
(A) Ferrous sulphate
(B) Ferrous fumarate
(C) Ferric fumarate
(D) Ferric salt

16. Glycosilated haemoglobin is used in the screening of :
(A) Iron deficiency anaemia
(B) Sickle cell anaemia
(C) Diabetes

17. Which of the following biochemical parameter indicates chronic renal failure ?
(A) Increased creatinine excretion
(B) Increased serum albumin level
(C) Increased serum transferrin level
(D) Increased blood urea nitrogen

18. Sepsis, fever, infection and trauma accelerate the loss of :
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Zinc
(C) Calcium
(D) Iron

19. ………………….. is latest development in regenerated cellulosic fiber.
(A) Tencel
(B) Lyocell
(C) Tactel
(D) Lycra

20. ………………….. is the weight of moisture in a material expressed as a percentage of the oven dry-weight.
(A) Relative Humidity
(B) Moisture Regain
(C) Wicking
(D) Absorbancy

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21. Number of warps and fillings per square inch in fabric is called …………………… .
(A) Yarn Count
(B) Fabric Count
(C) Balance of Cloth
(D) Reed Count

22. …………………. is a chemical treatment carried out to burn vegetable matter in wool.
(A) Nepping
(B) Crabbing
(C) Decating
(D) Carbonizing

23. The method of removal of colours from dyed fabric to create white design on coloured background is known as ……………………. .
(A) Discharge Printing
(B) Resist Printing
(C) Duplex Printing
(D) Ikat Printing

24. …………………… is thin and transparent silk-cotton fabric like Organza from Madhya Pradesh.
(A) Tanchoi
(B) Mashru
(C) Himru
(D) Chanderi

25. Fiber length can be estimated by using :
(A) Crockmeter
(B) Scott Tester
(C) Crimp Tester
(D) Combsorter

26. Silk Mark indicates that the textile product is :
(A) Silky in feel
(B) Longlasting
(C) Lustrous
(D) 100% silk

27. Wearable electronic system embedded in garments is known as :
(A) Medical textiles
(B) Smart textiles
(C) Geo-textiles
(D) Agro-textiles

28. Which of the following is a principle of design ?
(A) Proportion
(B) Line
(C) Texture
(D) Colour

29. While drafting, French curve is used to draw :
(A) Darts
(B) Armhole
(C) Hemline
(D) Grainline

30. ……………………. is the upper part of the needle which locates within the needle bar.
(A) Shoulder
(B) Groove
(C) Shank
(D) Blade

31. The direction in which fashions are moving are called ………………… .
(A) Fad
(B) Classic
(C) Trends
(D) Craze

32. A beam that encloses a previously stitched seam is :
(A) Lapped seam
(B) Fused seam
(C) Rolled seam
(D) French seam

33. ‘‘Pret-a-Porter’’ is a term used for :
(A) Ready to wear clothes
(B) Portable bags
(C) High fashion clothes
(D) Mix and match clothes

34. The colour fastness of a coloured fabric to light can be tested by using :
(A) Combsorter
(B) Fade-o-meter
(C) Crockmeter
(D) Elmendorf tester

35. Stone wash given to denim garments gives them :
(A) Smooth appearance
(B) Worn out appearance
(C) Higher strength
(D) Lower abrasion

36. Soaps and detergents dissolve in water and lower the ………………… of water.
(A) Surface tension
(B) Hygrocity
(C) Temperature
(D) Volume

37. Energizing in the control step means :
(A) Taking an overview of the job
(B) Putting the plan into action
(C) Preparing the plan
(D) Finding out alternatives

38. Human resources are those that are :
(A) External to an individual
(B) Material possessions
(C) Inherent in person
(D) Provided by the community

39. The use of resources in the foundation stage of family life cycle is influenced by :
(A) Values
(B) Standards
(C) Short-term goals
(D) Long-term goals

40. The use of vegetables grown in the kitchen garden is an example of :
(A) Psychic income
(B) Direct real income
(C) Indirect real income
(D) Total income

41. The values that are important and desirable simply for their own sale are called :
(A) Intrinsic value
(B) Extrinsic value
(C) Factual value
(D) Instrumental value

42. A tool for managing work time is :
(A) Peak load
(B) Typical time period
(C) Work curves
(D) Sequential time

43. Boredom and frustration fatigue are examples of :
(A) Physiological fatigue
(B) Muscular fatigue
(C) Visual fatigue
(D) Psychological fatigue

44. A method that includes drawing floor plan fastened with board pins, and tread is called :
(A) Pathway chart
(B) Process chart
(C) Operation chart
(D) Graph chart

45. The method of resolving conflict that exhibit the highest level of adjustment is :
(A) Voluntary submission
(B) Dominance
(C) Integration
(D) Compromise

46. The advantage of planning lies in the fact that it is carried out :
(A) For future action
(B) For past jobs
(C) For present action
(D) For ongoing action

47. Family budget is a plan for :
(A) Present expenditure
(B) Future expenditure
(C) Review of expenditure
(D) Estimation of total income

48. The decisions related to routine, repetitive actions are called :
(A) Intellectual decisions
(B) Technical decisions
(C) Unimportant decisions
(D) Habitual decisions

49. Classes of change in work simplification are given by :
(A) R.M. Barnes
(B) Nickell and Dorsey
(C) Marvin Mundell
(D) Lillian Gilbreth

50. The disposition of the rooms in respect to their relative position towards each other is called :
(A) Grouping
(B) Roominess
(C) Aspect
(D) Privacy