Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 7

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Exercise and Examples for Class 7 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. The teacher said to me, “Do not waste time.”

2. The doctor said to him, “Did you take all the medicines?”

3. Shyam said, “I am going to build a temple.”

4. “How did it get into the tamarind pot?” Mother asked.

5. The mad man said to the king, “What is being said?”

6. He said, “I will wait here.”

7. Raghav said, “We all are mortals.”

8. Akbar said to Amar, “Ali was singing a song.”

9. “Naw”, said the boy, “She’s Annabel Adams.”

10. Suman said to me, “How did you know this?”

11. Bappa said to him, “I am ten years old.”

12. He said, “Wow! What a beautiful sight!”

13. Father said to me, “Will you take tea?”

14. Salil said to me, “You will not play.”

15. I said to him. “What is your name?”

16. He said to father, “Let me come in.”

17. Is he your grandson ?, said the vendor.

18. I said to Akash, “My brother is affectionate to me.”

19. Lomov said, “Honoured Stepan Stepanovitch do you think I may count on her consent?”

20. The teacher said to the students, “Why are you making a noise?”

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21. Niladri said to Bappa, “Do not run so fast.”

22. Saima said to me, “How was your trip to Hyderabad?”

23. Nandalal Bose said, “Students should accompany qualified teachers to museums and picture galleries to see distinguished examples of the art of the past.”

24. “Sir, do you want a servant?” Sidda asked Mr Sivasanker.

25. Do you need somebody to go to the store, asked the boy.

26. Teacher said to students, “All will be clothed in white.”

27. The child said, “I take two glasses of milk everyday.”

28. I said to him, “Have you had our tea”.

29. He said to Sujay, “Now have a cup of tea.”

30. My sister said to me, “The bird flew away.”

31. Santanu said, “It is cold today.”

32. The slave said, “What can I do for you master ?”

33. Chubukov said, “It means that you haven’t seen the plan.

34. “The door can’t be opened”, he groaned.

35. Uncle John said to me, “Please polish the shoes.”

36. He said, “Do you like flowers ?”

37. “Can’t you do something, Ralph?” said she.

38. She said, “Pravat is my only son.”

39. The Headmaster said the clerk, “Prepare a notice.”

40. “When will you come back?” the Prince said to the Swallow.

41. He said to me, “You didn’t cause much damage to the book, did you?”

42. He said to me, “How selfish you are!”

43. Jimmy said, “I’m going to return.”

44. The woman said to her son, “May you succeed in your mission!”

45. Mother said, “Please don’t destroy the child, we will take the child.”

46. The commander-in-chief said to the soldiers, “March forward.”

47. Rana said, “Man is mortal.”

48. The farmer said to his wife, “We will get a good harvest this year.”

49. The judge said to the convict, “How many times have you been to prison ?”

50. Reba said, “What’s the matter ?”


1. The teacher advised me not to waste time.

2. The doctor asked him if he had taken all the medicines.

3. Shyam said that he was going to build a temple.

4. Mother asked how it had got into the tamarind pot.

5. The mad man asked the king what was being said.

6. He said that those were his books.

7. Raghav said that we all are mortals.

8. Akbar told Amar that Ali had been singing a song.

9. The boy disagreed and asserted that she was Annabel Adams.

10. Suman enquired of (asked) me how I had known that.

11. Bappa told him that he was ten years old.

12. He exclaimed in wonder that it was a very beautiful sight.

13. Father asked me whether I should take tea.

14. Salil told me that I would not play.

15. I asked him what his name was.

16. He requested his father to let him come in.

17. The vendor asked if he was my grandson.

18. I told Akash that my brother was affectionate to me.

19. Lomov asked Stepan Stepanovitch respectfully if he thought he (Lomov) might count on her consent.

20. The teacher asked the students why they were making a noise.

21. Niladri asked Bappa not to run so fast.

22. Saima asked me how my trip had been to Hyderabad.

23. Nandalal Bose said that students should have accompanied qualified teachers to museums and picture galleries to see distinguished examples of the art of the past.

24. Addressing Mr Sivasanker as Sir, Sidda asked if he wanted a servant.

25. The boy asked if she needed somebody to go to the store.

26. Teacher told students that all would be clothed in white.

27. The child said that he takes two glasses of milk everyday.

28. I asked him whether he had had his tea.

29. He requested Sujay to have a cup of tea then.

30. My sister told me that the bird had flown away.

31. Santanu said that it was cold that day.

32. The slave asked his master what he could do for him.

33. Chubukov said that it meant that he had not seen the plan.

34. He groaned that the door could not be opened.

35. Uncle John requested me to polish the shoes.

36. He asked whether I liked flowers.

37. She asked Ralph if he could not do something.

38. She said that Pravat is her only son.

39. The Headmaster ordered the clerk to prepare a notice.

40. The Prince asked the Swallow when he would come back.

41. He asked me whether I had caused much damage to the book and assumed that I had not.

42. He exclaimed that I was very selfish.

43. Jimmy said that he was going to return.

44. The woman wished that her son might succeed in his mission.

45. Mother requested the people not to destroy the child as they would take the child.

46. The commander-in-chief ordered the soldiers to march forward.

47. Rana said that man is mortal.

48. The farmer told his wife that they would get a good harvest that year.

49. The judge asked the convict how many times he had been to prison.

50. Reba asked what the matter was.