LMSW Practice Exam

LMSW Practice Exam Papers are available in our web page. However, to help the aspirants in getting their dream jobs we have given the direct download link for the Licensed Master Social Worker Previous Year Question Paper Pdf in the section below.

LMSW Practice Exam

We advise the applicants who are in search of LMSW Question Paper to refer the syllabus and exam pattern details. Here is the ASWB LMSW Exam Pattern details. LMSW Question Paper with Answers are given in the section following. Practice more and score good marks in the LMSW examination.

Practice Papers of LMSW

1. Social Work Research is also know as :
(A) Intervention research
(B) Action research
(C) Evaluation research
(D) Experimental research

2. Which one of the following Sections of the Income Tax Act allows an individual or a company to claim exemption on their donations to voluntary organisation from their taxable income ?
(A) Section 60(G)
(B) Section 70(G)
(C) Section 80(G)
(D) Section 90(G)

3. ……………………. is the guidelines for the administration of the organisation.
(A) FERA Certificate
(B) Registration Certificate
(C) The Constitution of the Society
(D) The Preamble of the Constitution of the Society

4. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights was set up in :
(A) March, 2005
(B) March, 2006
(C) March, 2007
(D) March, 2008

5. The acronym FCRA stands for :
(A) Finance Contribution Regulation Act
(B) Farm Contribution Regulation Act
(C) Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
(D) Fodder Contribution Regulation Act

6. Which one of the following is a principle of social welfare administration ?
(A) Principle of Agency Purpose
(B) Principle of Self-Determination
(C) Principle of Planning
(D) Principle of Programming

7. The acronym PERT stands for :
(A) Project Evaluation and Review Techniques
(B) Programme Evaluation and Review Techniques
(C) Paper Evaluation and Review Techniques
(D) Planning Evaluation and Review Techniques

8. The Chairperson of Central Social Welfare Board is appointed by the Central government in consultation with the Ministry of Social Welfare from amongst :
(A) Prominent women sociologists
(B) Prominent women social activists
(C) Prominent women social workers
(D) Prominent women psychologists

9. Non-Governmental organisations are also known as :
(A) ‘‘third sector’’
(B) ‘‘third state’’
(C) ‘‘third world’’
(D) ‘‘third view’’

10. Which one of the following Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, declares that ‘‘everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security ?’’
(A) Article 20
(B) Article 21
(C) Article 22
(D) Article 23

11. Minimum …………………… persons are required to register a non-profit organization under the Indian Companies Act.
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) five

12. GOI, AMRUT is mission for ………….
(A) Rural and Urban Health
(B) Rejuvenation and Rural Transformation
(C) Rural Youth
(D) Reformation and Urban Development

13. Which one of the following Articles of Indian Constitution deals with work and maternity relief ?
(A) Article, 14
(B) Article, 18
(C) Article, 41
(D) Article, 42

14. Which one is not the main purpose of social indicators ?
(A) The descriptive function
(B) The analytical function
(C) The monitoring function
(D) The communication function

15. The proponent of ‘Welfare Economics’ theory is …………………..
(A) Mahboob Huq
(B) Amartya Sen
(C) Karl Marx
(D) Gunnar Myrdal

16. ‘Swayam’ is platform for ……………….
(A) Employment generation
(B) Integrated platform and portal for online courses
(C) Self-employment programme
(D) Employment guarantee scheme

17. Which one of the following approaches is also known as the Marxist, neo Marxist or conflict approach ?
(A) Radical socialist approach
(B) Social democratic approach
(C) Racist approach
(D) Right approach

18. One of the following is not the sign of the social health :
(A) Does not have confidence to meet others
(B) Has pleasant manners and helps others
(C) Gets along well with people around
(D) Fulfils responsibility towards others

19. What percent of vacancies in government employment shall be reserved for Divyangjan ?
(A) 5%
(B) 4%
(C) 3%
(D) 2%

20. Which among the following is not within the core values and ethics of Social Work ?
(A) Advocacy on behalf of the oppressed, voiceless, and such others
(B) Dignity and worth of all human beings
(C) Importance of integrity and human relationships
(D) Political and religious affinity

Interview Objective

21. The statute, under which the NHRC of India is established, is ………………
(A) Protection of Human Rights Act (PHRA), 1993
(B) Civil Rights Protection Act (CRPA), 1993
(C) National Human Rights Commission Act (NHRCA), 1993
(D) National Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1993

22. Name of the 17th century English philosopher who discussed natural rights in his seminal work ?
(A) Thomas Paine
(B) John Stuart Mill
(C) Hegel
(D) John Locke

23. What is the mandate of UNHCR ?
(A) Repatriation of refugees with military assistance
(B) To protect refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people
(C) Assist in the creation of a country for resettlement of refugees
(D) None of the above

24. In the context of social justice, what does Article 41 of the Constitution of India ensure to every citizen ?
(A) Right to food, drinking water, housing and employment
(B) Right to work, education and public assistance in cases of unemployment, old age and sickness
(C) Right to food, drinking water, and public assistance in cases of transport
(D) Right to food, drinking water, and education

25. Social Justice means ……………………
(A) Equal Voting rights to all citizens without any privileges to any particular section
(B) Equal economic rights to all citizens without any economic distinction
(C) Absence of privileges being extended to any particular section of the society
(D) Equal travel rights to all citizens within the country without any economic distinction

26. The Constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly, which was elected by :
(A) Elected members of the Parliament of India
(B) Elected members of the provincial assemblies
(C) Elected members of the state assemblies
(D) Elected members of the British Parliament

27. Gerontological Social Work Practice deals with :
(A) Children
(B) Youth
(C) Elderly
(D) Adult

28. Atal Pension Yojana is introduced in the year of :
(A) 2014
(B) 2015
(C) 2016
(D) 2013

29. Persons who are attracted to and have sexual relationships with persons of the same sex are :
(A) Mentally sick and need treatment
(B) Abnormal
(C) As normal as heterosexual persons
(D) A western phenomenon

30. Which one of the following Sections of the Industrial Disputes Act provides for compensation for lay-off ?
(A) 15 C
(B) 20 C
(C) 25 C
(D) 30 C

31. National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities is situated in :
(A) Mumbai
(B) Chennai
(C) Ahmednagar
(D) Delhi

32. As per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 every organization should constitute committee …………………….
(A) Internal Complaint Committee
(B) Internal Grievance Committee
(C) External Complaint Committee
(D) Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee

33. Name the agency which was set up under one of the provisions of the NDPS Act to oversee the drug situation in India :
(A) Dangerous Drugs Control Agency
(B) Controller of Intoxicating Substances
(C) Narcotics Control Bureau
(D) Indian Bureau of Narcotic Drugs

34. The institution of family is challenged by :
(A) Alcoholism
(B) Chronic illness
(C) Live-in relationships
(D) Divorce

35. Children in the age group of 0-18 constitute …………………. percentage of the total population, according to 2011 census of India.
(A) 46%
(B) 39%
(C) 28%
(D) 18%

36. The concept of ‘Conjugal Family’ was propounded by :
(A) Oliver Wendell
(B) William J. Goode
(C) A.V. Dicey
(D) Irawati Karve

37. Which of the following aspects is not included in the concept of ‘holistic health’ ?
(A) Spiritual
(B) Professional
(C) Social
(D) Physical

38. What is the prime job responsibility of a CDPO in the context of child development ?
(A) CDPO is responsible for implementation of Swachh Bharat programme in schools
(B) CDPO is responsible for implementation and administration of ICDS programme
(C) CDPO is responsible for implementation and administration social welfare programme
(D) CDPO is responsible for implementation and administration of child health programme

39. What is the full form of ICPS in the Indian context of child protection ?
(A) Integrated Child Protection Services
(B) Integrated Child Protection Scheme
(C) International Council for Protection of Students
(D) Integrated Consortium for Para-legal Schemes

40. The National Nutrition Policy was adopted by the Government of India in :
(A) 1993
(B) 1995
(C) 2015
(D) 2011

41. National Disaster Management Authority was established through the ……………………….
(A) Disaster Management Act
(B) National Disaster Management Authority Act
(C) National Disaster Authority Act
(D) National Disaster Act