English Grammar Voice Change Exercises with Answers

Candidates who are preparing for English Grammar, go through the below sections to get English Grammar Voice Change Exercises with Answers Model Papers to practice. English grammar voice change exercises with answers Model Papers will help you to get a good score in the exam. By clicking on the below-enclosed links, you can download the changing voice of sentences Question Papers with solutions in the form of Pdf.

English Grammar Voice Change Exercises with Answers

Before starting the exercise for voice change practice, every candidate must know about the voice change rules. Because the provided English grammar voice change exercises with answers are only for reference. Here are the direct download links for the change the voice of the following sentences Paper Pdf. Also, get the voice change exercise from the link at the end of the article. Download the voice change sentence Question Paper Pdf given below and refer all the papers.

Change the following sentences from Active to Passive Voice.

1. Buy me a pen.

2. Boys play with marbles.

3. Have you visited the market?

4. The boy has done the sum.

5. Why have you not visited the Taj yet?

6. Isn’t Chappeil eating pudding?

7. Which cat doesn’t eat fish?

8. She has not learned English.

9. Will Teddy not mend the wall?

10. Should I ask her?

11. Who doesn’t love kids?

12. You must ask your parents.

13. Children must exercise daily.

14. Can I use your towel?

15. Nobody touched your bag.

16. Isn’t she cooking it?

17. Tom does not love Jerry.

18. Would you like a glass of lemonade?

19. Anybody can do this.

20. She can speak seven languages.

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21. My grandfather could play cricket.

22. Can I open the window?

23. Surajit can write the answer.

24. Can I use your phone?

25. Can she knit sweaters?

26. May I borrow your dictionary?

27. You must read the book.

28. All should stop smoking.

29. Should I visit the doctor?

30. We might win the prize.

31. You should take an umbrella.

32. Should I call him?

33. May l call you for a meeting?

34. Can you imagine a world without love?

35. Why did you kill the goat?

36. The teacher made us stand up on the bench.

37. Don’t be cruel to animals.

38. Do you know how much a lie hurts?

39. She offered me a glass of water.

40. Make hay while the sun shines.

41. My mother carried me home.

42. Please excuse me.

43. Finish your food first.

44. Shamima is wearing a saree.

45. Let him do whatever he wants.

46. The forest fire destroyed the entire suburb.

47. Mother read the novel in a day.

48. We are going to watch a cricket match.

49. Stop talking.

50. Harry ate six shrimps for dinner.

51. Would you like to sleep now?

52. Have you put the chain in your pocket?

53. I am having lunch.

54. Drink a glass of water at once.

55. Who wants to break the safe?

56. The kangaroo carried her baby in her pouch.

57. My husband has baked a cake.

58. The stone feels rough.

59. His behaviour vexes his mother.

60. Everybody consoled him at that time.

61. She did it.

62. The headmaster punished Samrat.

63. Obey your elders.

64. Kindly shift a little.

65. Who called you here?

66. Did he swallow a coin?

67. Pay heed to the instructions.

68. Soniya will bake a pie.

69. Quinine tastes bitter.

70. Mehul is practising karate.

71. Did you write these lines?

72. Shall l ever forget those happy days?

73. Only an expert can tell us the value of gold.

74. The artist was painting the scenery in such a realistic manner.

75. Awake, my country, into the heaven of freedom.


1. Let a pen be bought to me.

2. Marbles are played with by boys.

3. Has the market been visited by you?

4. The sum has been done by the boy.

5. Why hasn’t the Taj been visited by you yet?

6. Isn’t pudding being eaten by Chappell?

7. By which cat is fish not been eaten?

8. English has not been learned by her.

9. Won’t the wall be mended by Teddy?

10. Should she be asked by me?

11. By whom are kids not loved?

12. Your parents must be asked by you.

13. Exercising should be done by children daily.

14. Can your towel be used by me?

15. Your bag has not been touched by anybody.

16. Isn’t it being cooked by her?

17. Jerry is not loved by Tom.

18. Would a glass of lemonade be liked by you?

19. This can be done by anybody.

20. Seven language can be spoken by her.

21. Cricket could be played by my grandfather.

22. Can the window be opened by me?

23. The answer can be written by Surajit.

24. Can your phone be used by me?

25. Can sweaters be knitted by her?

26. May your dictionary be borrowed by me?

27. The book must be read by you.

28. Smoking should be stopped by all.

29. Should the doctor be visited by me?

30. The prize might be won by us.

31. An umbrella should be taken by you.

32. Should he be called by me?

33. May you be called by me for a meeting?

34. Can a world without love be imagined by you?

35. Why was the goat killed by you?

36. We were made to stand up on the bench by the teacher.

37. Animals should not be treated cruelly by you.

38. Is it known to you how much a lie hurts?

39. A glass of water was offered to me by her.

40. Hay must be made while the sun shines.

41. I was carried home by my mother.

42. You are requested to excuse me.

43. Let your food be finished first.

44. A saree is being worn by Shamima.

45. It is advised that he should be let to do whatever he wants.

46. The entire suburb was destroyed by the forest fire.

47. The novel was read by mother in a day.

48. A cricket match is going to be watched by us.

49. You are ordered to stop talking.

50. Six shrimps were eaten by Harry for dinner.

51. Would it be liked by you to sleep now?

52. Has the chain been put by you in your pocket?

53. Lunch is being had by me.

54. You are advised to drink glass of water at once.

55. By whom is the safe wanted to be broken?

56. The baby of the kangaroo was carried by the kangaroo in her pouch.

57. A cake has been baked by my husband.

58. The stone is rough when it is felt.

59. His mother is vexed by his behaviour.

60. He was consoled by everybody at that time.

61. It was done by her.

62. Samrat was punished by the headmaster.

63. Let your elders be obeyed by you.

64. You are requested to shift a little.

65. By whom were you called here?

66. Was a coin swallowed by him?

67. You are ordered to pay heed to the instructions.

68. A pie will be baked by Soniya.

69. Quinine is bitter when it is tasted.

70. Karate is being practised by Mehul.

71. Were there lines written by you?

72. Shall those happy days be ever forgotten by me?

73. The value of gold can be told to us by only an expert.

74. In such a realistic manner the scenery was being painted by the artist.

75. Let my country be awaken into the heaven of freedom.