Important Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Important Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Important Question Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. Which of the following symptom is common to Bryonia Alba, Apocynum and Helleporus?
(A) Constant motion of left arm and leg
(B) Great thirst for large quantities at long interval
(C) Headache when stooping as if brain would burst through forehead
(D) Cough, short and dry or deep and loose, during pregnancy

2. Which of the following statement is not correct ?
(A) In CalcArs at every attempt to eat, colic pain in abdomen.
(B) In Carbo Veg, weak digestion, simplest food disagree.
(C) Arsenic should not be thought of in ailments from chewing tobacco and alcohol.
(D) In lodum, everything she eats or drinks appears to be converted into gas.

3. Constipation, stool crumbling at verge of anus :
(A) Alumina, Mag Mur and Silicea
(B) Thuja, Mag Mur and Silicea
(C) Ammonium Mur, Mag Murand Nat Mur
(D) Opium, Sillcea and Thuja

4. Headache in occipital cervical region aggravated or brought on by sightest motion or mental exertion:
(A) Nat Mur, Silicea and Picric Acid
(B) Nat Mur, Gelsemum and China
(C) Silicea, Nat Mur and Mag Phos
(D) Nat Mur, Brycnia and Mag Phos

5. Boils, Carbuncles, Ulcers with intense pain found in
(A) Lachosis, Tarentula
(B) Lachesis, Pyrogenium
(C) Pyrogenium, Tarentula
(D) Anthraxinum, Pyrogenium

6. Which should not be given during lying in period except in high potencies Hering?
(A) Drosera
(B) Platina
(C) Jodum
(D) Psorinum

7. Which of the following symptoms is common to Kali bich, Apis mel and Lac-can?
(A) Shifting nature of pain
(B) Thirstlessness with dry tongue
(C) Headache with blurred vision or blindness precedes the attack
(D) Throat sensitive to touch externally

8. Which of the following symptom is common to Anacardum, Lac-can and Lilium Tig?
(A) irresistible desire to curse and swear
(B) Aggravation in empty stomach
(C) Fear to be alone and of falling down stairs
(D) Aimless hurried motion

9. Cough during daytime only is found in:
(A) Euprasia and Ferrum-Met
(B) Euprasia and Ipecac
(C) Euprasia and Phosphorus
(D) Euprasia and Allium cepa

10. Headache of school girls:
(A) Natrum Murand Psorinum
(B) Natrum Mur and Calc Phos
(C) Natrum Mur and China
(D) Natium Mur, Calc Phos and Psorinum

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. According to Dr. Hahnemann which remedy must not be used before Nitric Acid and Sulphur, may produce unnecessary complication ?
(A) Lycopodium
(B) Calc Carb
(C) Natrum Mur
(D) Tuberculinum

12. Violent stitches in upper left chest, below the scapula extending to neck is found in:
(A) Phytolacca
(B) Sepia
(C) Sulphur
(D) Pulsatilla

13. Suicidal Insanity, broods constantly over imaginary troubles is found in :
(A) Digitalis
(B) Lachesis
(C) Arsenic-Album
(D) NajaTrip

14. Which remedy should never be given in syphilis, always aggravates the condition?
(A) Dulcamara
(B) Cinchona
(C) Merc Sol
(D) Ferrum Met

15. Which remedy cures lasciviousness when Hyoseyamus fails ?
(A) Nux Vomica
(B) Opium
(C) Verat Album
(D) Phosphorus

16. lf vertigo and headache are very persistent or prostration be prolonged after Natrum Mur which remedy relieves:
(A) China
(B) Sepia
(C) Nux-vomica
(D) Ars. Alb

17. “Headache from sun or working under gas light” is a symptom of:
(A) Natrum Mur, Glonine, Lachesis
(B) Natrum Carb, Glonine, Laehesis
(C) Natrum Carb, Glonine, Sangunaria
(D) All of the above

18. Which remedy often removes bad effects of excessive use of alcohol or tobacco?
(A) Veratrum viride
(B) Veratrum albdm
(C) Tuberculinum
(D) Valeriana

19. The bad effects of Plumbum are antidote by:
(A) Sulphuric acid and Platina
(B) Alumina and Sulphur
(C) Pulsatilla and Zincum Metallicum
(D) Natrum Murand Petroleum

20. Craving for meat is found in :
(A) Mag carb, Abies cand and Calc phos
(B) Mag carb, Calc phos and Staphysgaria
(C) Mag carb, Graphitis and Nitric Acid
(D) Mag carb, Abies cand and Nitric Acid

21. Leucorrhoea, thick, bluish white, mucus especially or only at night
(A) Causticum
(B) Nitric Acid
(C) Ambragrisea
(D) All of the above

22. Cough better by drinking cold water is a symptom of:
(A) Spongia
(B) Arsenic-Alb
(C) Cuprum Metallicum
(D) All of the above

23. After Baryta carb which remedy often eradicates the constitutional tendency to quinsy :
(A) Tuberculinum
(B) Psorinum
(C) Sulphur
(D) Bacillinum

24. Minister naturae means :
(A) Servant of nature
(B) Follow the nature
(C) Depend on nature
(D) Master of nature

25. First homoeopathic journal was written by:
(A) Stapf
(B) Hahnemann
(C) Gross
(D) Kent

26. Conjoint maIady is given in aphorism ……… .. of Organon of Medicine.
(A) §91
(B) §92
(C) §93
(D) §94

27. Second edition” of Organon was published as …………. edition. ‘
(A) improved
(B) Augmented and improved
(C) Augmented
(D) Revised

28. Sporadic diseases can be caused by:
(A) Transient explosion of latent psora
(B) Infection (contagious) principle
(C) Calamities of war, inundation, famine
(D) Meteoric or Telluric cause

29. “Law of the least quantity” discovered by:
(A) Galen
(B) H.A.Roberts
(C) Maupertuis
(D) H.N. Guernsey

30. Best time of administration of medicine in intermittent fever:
(A) During apyrexia stage
(B) During pyrexia
(C) At the declining phase of pyrexia
(D) At the onset of pyrexia

31. Psora originated from word ‘Tsorat‘ ” which is a ……….. .. word. ”
(A) Greek
(B) Hebrew
(C) Latin
(D) German

32. In 1797, Hahnemann used ……….. .. for colic and ……….. for asthma.
(A) Veratrum, Phosphorus
(B) Nux vomica, Veratrum
(C) Veratrum; Nuxvomica
(D) Nuxvomica, Arsenic

33. Old school practioner confessed before the world their cruelty towards their sick fellow creature was :
(A) Detharding
(B) Kruger Hansen
(C) Thoury
(D) Von Stoerk

34. Hahnemann’s “The Chronic Diseases” book contains :
(A) Only proving of drugs
(B) Proving of drugs and nature of chronic diseases
(C) Proving, nature of chronic diseases and their effective treatment
(D) Nature of chronic diseases
35. Lord Bacon was father of :
(A) Objective and realistic tradition in the modern philosophy
(B) Subjective and idealistic tradition in the modern philosophy
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

36. Desire for cold food is present in which miasm?
(A) Psora
(B) Tuberoular diathesis
(C) Sycosis
(D) Syphilis

37. Patient feels better but the symptoms are worse:
(A) Disease has taken the deeper form
(B) The disease is incurable
(C) Selection was right and patient will slowly recover
(D) All of the above

38. Friend of Health’ was published in the year:
(A) 1796
(B) 1792
(C) 1805
(D) 1810

39. Materia Medica Pura is :
(A) Reine ArzneimitteIiehre
(B) Fragmenta Di Viribus Medicamentorum Positivis
(C) Die Chronischen Krankheiten
(D) Archive Fur Die Homoeopathische Heilkunst

40. Thesis submitted by Dr. Hahnemann for his MD at Erlangen University was:
(A) Dissertation on the Helieborism of the Ancient
(B) Medicine of Experience
(C) A Consideration of the Aetiology and Therapeutics of Spasmodic Affection
(D) Assay on New Principles for ascertaining the Curative Power of Drugs

41. Accessory miasm is related to ….. in aphorism ………..
(A) Small pox, § 46
(B) Cow pox, § 46
(C) Small pox,§ 56
(D) Cow pox, § 56

42. A true materia medica – a collection of real, pure, reliable modes of action of- simple medicinal substances, a volume of the book of nature is mentioned in ……….. .. aphorism.
(A) § 141
(B) § 142
(C) § 110
(D) § 143

43. The desire of the patient affected by an acute disease with regard to food and drink gives:
(A) Suppressive relief
(B) No relief
(C) Curative relief
(D) Palliative relief

44. In Boenninghausen’s Hexameter “Quomodo” means :
(A) Nature and peculiarities of the patient
(B) Cause of the disease
(C) Modalities
(D) Timer modalities

45. Negative general symptoms defined as :
(A) Absence of expected or customary features in the case
(B) Absence of general symptoms
(C) Presence of only particular symptoms
(D) Absence of mental general symptoms

46. “Man cannot be made or be cured except by some substance as ethereal in quality as the viral force said by:
(A) Hahnemann
(B) J.T.Kent
(C) Stuart Close
(D) H. A. Roberts

47. Requisite qualities of physician are mentioned in aphorism :
(A) § 83
(B) § 84
(C) § 85
(D) § 86

48. Who said ‘A well taken case is half cured‘ ?
(A) H. A. Roberts
(B) J. T. Kent
(C) Samuel Hahnemann
(D) Elizabeth Wright

49. Sector Totality means :
(A) Symptoms with location, sensation and characteristic modalities
(B) Symptoms confined to one region of the body
(C) Symptoms confined to one system of the body
(D) Symptoms confined to one repertory

50. In the seven points of Boenninghausen’s concept of totality “Quid” means:
(A) Personality the individuality
(B) Disease, it’s nature and peculiarity
(C) Seat of the disease
(D) Accompanying symptoms