Anthropology Questions and Answers for Competitive Examination

Anthropology Previous Questions

1. Basing on skin colour Blamenbach described mankind as divided into ……….. races. (A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) six 2. The Theory of Organic Evolution is related to (A) human beings (B) animals (C) plants (D) organisms 3. According to J. H. Hutton the tribal peoples had belief in (A) Karma (B) Varna

Anthropology Sample Questions

1. The term ‘Sustainable Development’ was first used in 1987 by the (A) International Summit on Sustainable Development (B) Protection and Preservation Convention (C) World Commission on Environment and Development (D) International Conservation Strategy 2. Who appoints the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of India? (A) Lok Sabha Speaker (B) Prime Minister of

Anthropology Model Questions

1. The dormitory system prevails among (A) Toda group (B) Kotas group (C) Oraon group (D) Naga group 2. Along with Aryans, there exists another category of ancient India known as (A) Dasas (B) Todas (C) Valis (D) Brahmanas 3. The word “Potlatch” is (A) Chinnok word (B) Masai word (C) Kung Bushmen word (D)