RRB NTPC Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers

Interested users can download the RRB NTPC Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers from the links enclosed below. Download the Last 5 Years Railway Recruitment Board Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Exam Solved Question Papers along with the Answers of each question.

RRB NTPC Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Previous Year Question Papers

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Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Model Question

Directions (Q. 1-4) : Choose the most suitable alternative to fill in the blank.
1. Do not take leave…….me, I will be left alone.
(a) by
(b) of
(c) off
(d) from

2. The city was kept……..night curfew for several days.
(a) on
(b) at
(c) under
(d) over

3. Give………answer to this question.
(a) an
(b) a
(c) the
(d) None

4. Always attend……what your teachers say.
(a) on
(b) to
(c) over
(d) for

Directions (Q. 5-8) : Find out the part which has an error in the following sentences. If there is no error, the answer is (d)
5. Twice twelve (a) /makes (b)/twenty four, (c)/ No error (d)
6. A physiologist in the last century demonstrated (a)/ that puppies will die (b)/if kept awake for more than five days, (c)/ No error (d)
7. It is unfortunate that (a)/ many youngsters get (by addicted to gamble, (c)/ No error (d)
8. I have seen (a)/ that film last year, (b)/but I do not remember its story, (c)/ No error (d)

Directions (Q. 9-12) : Choose the correctly spelt word.
9. (a) Equannimity (b) Equinimity (c) Equanimity (d) Equanimmity
10. (a)Draut (b)Drout (c)Drougt (d) Drought
11. (a) Fabullous (b) Fablous (c) Fabulous (d) Fabuleous
12. (a) Uttrance (b) Utterance (c) Uterance (d) Utrance

Directions (Q. 13-15) : Choose the alternative which is most opposite in meaning of the word given in capitals.
(a) Clumsy
(b) Fool
(c) Egoist
(d) Snob

(a) Denunciation
(b) Suppression
(c) Termination
(d) Applause

(a) Obscure
(b) Secular
(c) Explicit
(d) Equivocate

16. Which organisation collects data for the unorganised sector?
(a) NSSO
(b) CSO
(c) ASI
(d) RBI

17. In which country, financial legislation is introduced in the upper house of the legislature?
(a) Australia
(b) France
(c) Japan
(d) Germany

18. The Secretary General of UNO is appointed by
(a) The General Assembly
(b) The Security Council
(c) The International Court of Justice
(d) The General Assembly on the recommendations of the Security Council

19. How many fundamental duties are included-in Indian Constitution?
(a) Nine
(b) Ten
(c) Eleven
(d) Twelve

20. The Vice-President of India is also the
(a) Speaker of Lok-sabha
(b) Ex-officio chairman of Rajya-sabha
(c) Head of the State
(d) Head of the Government

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21. Through which educational report Calcutta University came into existence?
(a) Macaulays Minute
(b) Hunter Commission
(c) Charter Act
(d) Wood’s Despatch

22. The languages used to write source materials in ancient time was
(a) Sanskrit
(b) Pali
(c) Brahmi
(d) Kharosthi

23. ‘Ain-i- Akbari’ has been authored by
(a) Abul fazal
(b) Al Baruni
(c) Ferishta
(d) Amir Khusro

24. The standard time of India is
(a) 5.5 hours ahead of GMT 2
(b) 4.5 hours behind of GMT 2
(c) 4 hours ahead of GMT
(d) 5.5 hours behind of GMT

25. Black forests are found in
(a) France
(b) Germany
(c) Czechoslovakia
(d) Rumania

26. Which of the following awards is instituted by the UNESCO?
(a) Nehru Award for international understanding
(b) Kalinga Prize
(c) Arjuna Award
(d) Nobel Prize

27. The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ was first advocated by
(a) Oparin
(b) Darwin
(c) Spencer
(d) Haeckel

28. Deficiency of vitamin D in children causes
(a) Beri-beri
(b) Pellogra
(c) Rickets
(d) Scurvy

29. In man, the normal number of chromosomes is
(a) 42
(b) 44
(c) 46
(d) 48

30. Sour taste of ‘Coca-Cola’ is due to the presence of
(a) acetic acid
(b) phosphoric acid
(c) hydrochloric acid
(d) formic acid

31. Green house effect is caused by
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Nitrogen dioxide

32. The official Mascot of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games held in March-2006 was
(a) Kangaro
(b) Ostrich
(c) South-Eastern Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo named karak
(d) Peacock

33. The First Guinness Book of World Records appeared in the year
(a) 1950
(b) 1954
(c) 1960
(d) 1963

34. Who was the first test centurion in Indian Cricket?
(a) Vinu Manked
(b) C. K. Naidu
(c) Lala Amarnath
(d) Mansur Ali Pataudi

35. Buddhism made an important impact by allowing two sections of society into its fold. There were
(a) Merchants and priests
(b) Money lenders and slaves
(c) Warriors and Traders
(d) Women and Sudras

36. There sets of English, Mathematics and Science books containing 336, 240, 96 books respectively have to be stacked in such a. way that all the books are stored subject-wise and the height of each stack is the same. Total number of stacks will be
(a) 14
(b) 21
(c) 22
(d) 48

37. The ratio of Incomes of A and B is 5:6. If A gets Rs 1100 less than B their total income (in rupees) is
(a) 9900
(b) 12100
(c) 14400
(d) 10000

38. If a: b:c=2: 3:4 and 2a-3b + 4c = 33, then the value of c is
(a) 6
(b) 9
(c) 12
(d) \frac {66}{7}

39. 1 litre of water is added to 5 litre of alcohol-water solution containing 40% alcohol strength. The strength of alcohol in the new solution will be
(a) 30%
(b) 33%
(c) 33\frac {2}{3}%
(d) 33\frac {1}{3}%

40. The speeds of A and B are in the ratio 3 : 4. A takes 20 min more than B to reach a destination. In what time does A reach the destination?
(a) 1\frac {1}{3} h

(b) 2h

(c) 2\frac {2}{3} h

(d) 1\frac {2}{3} h

41. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3: 2 If 20% of the boys and 30% of the girls are scholarship holders, then the percentage of students, who do not get scholarship, is
(a) 50
(b) 72
(c) 75
(d) 76

42. The length of a rectangle is increased by 10% and breadth decreased by 10%. Then the area of the new rectangle is
(a) neither decreased nor increased
(b) increased by 1%
(c) decreased by 1%
(d) decreased by 10%

43. Out of seven given numbers, the average of the first four numbers is 4 and that of the last four numbers is also 4. If the average of all the seven numbers is 3 fourth number is
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 7
(d) 11

44. \sqrt { 10+2\sqrt { 6 } +2\sqrt { 10 } +2\sqrt { 15 } } is equal to
(a) \sqrt {2} + \sqrt {3}\sqrt {5}

(b) \sqrt {3} +\sqrt {5}\sqrt {2}

(c) \sqrt {2} + \sqrt {5}\sqrt {3}

(d) \sqrt {2} + \sqrt {3} +\sqrt {5}

45. 64329 is divided by a certain number. While dividing the numbers, 175, 114 and 213 appear, as three successive remainders. The divisor is
(a) 184
(b) 224
(c) 234
(d) 296

46. A 2-digit number is 3 times the sum of its digits. If 45 is added to the .number, its digits are interchanged. The sum of digits of the number is
(a) 11
(b) 9
(c) 7
(d) 5

47. After measuring 120 m of a rope, it was discovered, that the measuring metre rod was there centimeters longer. The true length of the rope measured is
(a) 121 m 20 cm
(b) 123 m 60 cm
(c) 123 m
(d) 116 m 40 cm

48. A rationalising factor of (\sqrt {9}\sqrt [ 3 ]{ 3 } + 1) is
(a) \sqrt [ 3 ]{ 3 } – 1

(b) \sqrt [ 3 ]{ 3 } + 1

(c) \sqrt [ 3 ]{ 9 } + 1

(d) \sqrt [ 3 ]{ 9 } – 1

49. (45+46+47 + ……. + 113+114+115) is equal to
(a) 5600
(b) 5656
(c) 5680
(d) 4000

50. In an examination, 60% of the candidates passed in English and 70% of the candidates passed in Mathematics, but 20% failed in both of these subjects. If 2500 candidates passed in both the subjects, the number of candidates that appeared at the examination was
(a) 3000
(b) 3500
(c) 4000
(d) 5000

51. The speed of a motor-boat is that of the current of water as 30: 5. The boat goes along with the current in 5h 10 min. It will come back in
(a) 5h 50 min
(b) 6h
(c) 6h 50 min
(d) 12h 10min

52. The price of certain item is increased by 15%. If a consumer wants to keeps his expenditure on the item the same as before, how much percent must he reduce his consumption of that item?
(a) 15%

(b) 13\frac {1}{23}%

(c) 16\frac {2}{3}%

(d) 10\frac {20}{23}%

53. In an innings of a cricket match, three players A, B and C scored a total of 361 runs. If the ratio of the number of runs scored by A to that scored by B and also number of runs scored by B to that scored by be 3: 2. the number of runs scored by A was
(a) 171
(b) 181
(c) 185
(d) 161

54. Rs 395 are divided among A, B and C in such a manner that B gets 25 percent more than A and 20 percent more than C. The share of A will be
(a) Rs195
(b) Rs180
(c) Rs98
(d) Rs 120

55. The average of 100 numbers is 44. The average of these 100 numbers and 4 other new number is 50. The average of the four new numbers will be
(a) 800
(b) 200
(c) 176
(d) 24

56. The average of 6 observations is 45.5. If one new observation is added to the previous observations, then the new average becomes 47. The new observation Is
(a) 58
(b) 56
(c) 50
(d) 46

57. A man covers half of his journey at 6 km/h and the remaining half at 3 km/h. His average speed is
(a) 9 km/h
(b) 4.5 km/h
(c) 4 km/h
(d) 3 km/h

58. There were 24 students in a class. One of them, who was 18 yr old, left the class and his place was filled up by a newcomer. If the average of the class thereby, was lowered by one month, the age of the newcomer is
(a) 14 yr
(b) 15 yr
(c) 16 yr
(d) 17 yr

59. The value of * in the sequence
27,9, 3, *, \frac {1}{3}, \frac {1}{9}, \frac {1}{27}
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) -1
(d) -3

60. The expenses on rice, fish and oil of a family are in the ratio 12:17:3. The prices of these articles are Increased by 20%, 30% and 50% respectively. The total expenses of family on these articles are increased by

(a) 14\frac {1}{3}days

(b) 15\frac {2}{3}days

(c) 16\frac {1}{3}days

(d) 18\frac {2}{3}days

61. A and B can complete a piece of work in 12 and 18 days respectively. A begins to do the work and they work alternatively one at a time for one day each. The whole work will be completed in
(a) 14 3 days
(b) 15 3 days
(c) 16 3 days
(d) 18 3 days

62. A dealer buys an article marked at Rs 25000 with 20% and 5% off. He spends Rs 1000 for its repairs and sells it for Rs 25000. What is his gain or loss percent?
(a) Loss of 25%
(b) Gain of 25%
(c) Gain of 10%
(d) Loss of 10%

63. A company offers three types of successive discounts : CD 25% and 15°%%, (II) 30% and 10%, CUD 35% and 5%. Which offer is the best for a customer?
(a) First offer
(b) Second offer
(c) Third offer
(d) Any one: all are equally good

64. A money-lender borrows money at 4% per annum and pays the interest at the end of the year. He lends it at 6% per annum compound interest compounded half yearly and receives the interest at the end of the year. In this way, he gains Rs 104. 50 a years. The amount of money he borrows, Is
(a) Rs6000
(b) Rs5500
(c) Rs5000
(d) Rs4500

65. If 20% of A=30% of B = \frac {1}{6} of C, then A: B: C is
(a) 2:3:16
(b) 3.2: 16
(c) 10:15:18
(d) 15:10:18

66. What will be the next term DJG, MSP, VBY, ?
(a) EKH
(b) PSM
(c) YBX
(d) GHD

67. What will be the middle digit of the middle number after the following numbers are arranged in descending order? 369,279, 189.349, 559
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 9
(d) 5

Directions (Q. 68-73) : Following questions ore based one codes. Indicate correct answer for each question.
68. If A = 2,B = 3 and C = 4 and so on, what is the word given by the code?
17, 20, 26, 4, 9, 16, 13, 16, 8, 26, ?

69. If KUMAR is given the code number 64, what is the code of KUMARI?
(a) 65
(b) 69
(c) 73
(d) 74

70. If ROHINI is coded as INIHOR, then AGNI could be written as
(a) IGNA
(b) INGA
(c) NIAG
(d) NIGA

71. 18 x 21=2811, 65 x 72 = 7526, then 43 x 92=?
(a) 9234
(b) 9324
(c) 9423
(d) 2493

72. A and B are the children of C. If C is the father of A but B is not the son of C, then what is the relationship between B and C?
(a) Daughter and father
(b) Sister and Brother
(c) Nieceand Uncle
(d) Niece and Meternal Uncle

73. Sony walked 20 km towards east, turned left and walked 15 km, then she turned left then right and again right. In which direction is she going now?
(a) EAST
(b) WEST

Direction: In following question a problem is given. Study the problem and find out the correct answer.

074. If the first day of a year is Sunday. What will be the first day of the next year?
(a) Saturday
(b) Friday
(c) Monday
(d) Thursday

Directions (Q. 75-77): In these questions, find out the pair of numbers that does not belong to the group due to lack of common properties.

75. (a) 15,5 (b) 32, 2 (c) 42,4 (d) 36, 6

76. (a)4,8 (b) 27,9 (c)16,64 (d)115,25

77. (a)28,4 (b) 36,5 (c) 43,6 (d) 50,7

78. If we start counting from K, which will be the seventh letter of the alphabet?
(a) Q
(b) N
(c) M
(d) P

79. If you are having 50% more of the amount that you are having right now, then you will be having one rupee and twenty paise. How much money are you having?
(a) 70 paise
(b) 75 paise
(c) 80 paise
(d) 85 paise

Directions (QO. 80-84) : In the following questions, a word is given followed by four other words in the alternatives. Only one word as given in alternative can be formed from the letters used in the word given in the question. Find out the word amongst the alternatives.

(a) NOSE
(b) TALE
(c) LOST
(d) GATE

(a) BLUE
(b) GLUE
(c) TAIL
(d) ROSY

(a) READ
(b) TEAM
(c) NEAT
(d) YEAD

(a) DIVE
(b) TIRD
(d) VAIN

(a) STAR
(b) TRUE
(c) SALE
(d) MARE

85. In a certain code, RESULT is coded as SULTRE. Then, IGHTBR when, decoded will be

86. If DELHI is coded as 0405120809 and MADRAS as 130104180119, then BOMBAY will be coded as
(a) 0214120220124
(b) 215132125
(c) 021513020125
(d) 21513020125

Directions (Q. 87-90): In these questions, identify the one which is different from others.

87. (a) Card (b) Polo (c) Game (d) Chess

88. (a) LNJK (b) DFBC (c) XZVW (d)RVPQ

89. (a) Cat (b) Dog (c) Deer (d) Cow

90. (a) Potato (b) Tomato (c) Ginger (d) Onion

Directions (Q. 91-94): In these questions, select the related word from the given alternatives.

91. Deer: Stag :: Zebra: ?
(a) Bull
(b) Bery
(c) Stallion
(d) Mare

92. Cool: Cold :: Good: ?
(a) O.K.
(b) Fine
(c) Correct
(d) Attractive

93. Gun: Soldier :: Leather ?
(a) Cobbler
(b) Shoe
(c) Army
(d) Soap

94. Candle: light:: Coal: ?
(a) Fuel
(b) Store
(c) Heat
(d) Mine

95. Find the missing number in the series 15, 17, 30 ? 45, 47
(a) 32
(b) 39
(c) 41
(d) 40

96. If CANDLE is coded as CZNDLD, then what will be the code of LIGHT?

Directions (Q. 97-98) : In the following questions, some figures are given. In these figures, some numbers are given. These numbers follow a certain system. One such number is missing. Find out that number.


Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Model Question
(a) 16
(b) 15
(c) 41
(d) 14


Junior Account Assistant cum Typist Sample Papers
(a) 639
(b) 542
(c) 529
(d) 641

99. If A is coded as 8, N is coded as 6, M is coded 4, L is coded as 3 and 0 is coded as 2, which of the following is the coded form of LAMON?
(a) 38416
(b) 38426
(c) 34826
(d) 38462

100. If it is possible to make a word with the 5th, 6th, and 8th letters of the word POSITIONS, then first letter of that word is your answer, but if no word can be made then give ‘X’ as your answer.
(a) X
(b) T
(c) I
(d) S