JKPSC Medical Officer Question Papers

Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission is inviting application for the post of Medical Officer. Interested and eligible candidates may apply within 04-September-2020. Before apply you must visit Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Official Website to know details advertisement. The JKPSC Medical Officer Question Papers from Previous Year is available here for download.

JKPSC Medical Officer Question Papers
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The Officials has recently published Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Recruitment 2020 Notification to fill vacant 900 posts for Medical Officer.

A large number of applicants has applied for the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission and now searching for Last Year Question Papers of Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Exam Papers.

Hence, aspirants looking for the Medical Officer Model Question Papers can download the following links. These question papers have an important role in preparation for the Examination.

Hence, click on the following download links to Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Previous Papers for Medical Officer Posts.

About JKPSC Medical Officer Recruitment

Here we discuss details about recruitment. Read original advertisement going to recruiter’s official website before apply.

Eligibility for Medical Officers

MBBS or Possession of recognized Graduate Medical qualification included in the First or Second Schedule or part-II of the 3rd Schedule (other than licentiate qualifications) to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. Holders of education qualification included in part-II of the 3rd Schedule should fulfill the conditions stipulated in sub-section (3) of section (13) of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956.
Registration of Medical Council of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir/Medical Council of India is pre-requisite for the eligibility of the candidate.

Centre of Examination:

  1. The Examination will be held in Srinagar and Jammu centres. All the candidates shall indicate the option for examination centre as indicated above.
  2. The allotment of centres shall be at the sole discretion of the Commission and once a centre is allotted to a candidate, request for change of centre will neither be entertained nor will the Commission respond to request for change of centre.

Scheme of Selection:

  1. In pursuance of SRO No: 388 dated: 10.09.2018 the selection process shall be by written test only which shall be of NEET (PG) standard as far as practicable.
  2. The written test (MCQ type) shall be of 100 points.

Medical officer Recruitment Calendar

  • Date of commencement for submission of online applications= 05.08.2020(10.00 A.M.)
  • Last date for submission of online applications and online fee= 04.09.2020 (23.59 P.M.)
  • The tentative date of examination (Written Test) is 01.11.2020.

JKPSC Medical Officer Syllabus

However, before referring to the model paper, we advise checking the exam pattern and syllabus details. This helps in the clear understanding of Medical Officer Question paper pattern. Also, helps in analyzing Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission question and answers. Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Exam question papers direct download links are given in this section.

Anatomy Biochemistry
Microbiology Social And Preventive Medicine
Physiology Paediatrics
Pathology Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics & Anaesthesia
Pharmacology Psychiatry
Medicine Dermatology And Venereology Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Forensic Medicine Ophthalmology
Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy

JKPSC Medical Officer Previous Year Question Papers

On this Page, we have updated JKPSC Medical Officer Model Papers and JKPSC Medical Officer Books for the sake of Aspirants. Here, we are providing the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Sample Papers and Medical Officer Exam Solved Question Papers for free. Download the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Old Question Papers and make as a reference for the exam preparation

1. All are true about tracheostomy tube except –
A. Consists of two metallic tubes
B. Tubes are made up of silver alloy and titanium
C. Metal tubes are ideally changed every 3 days
D. Cuffed tubes are used for IPPV

2. Nerve supply of the tympanic membrane is by all of following except –
A. Auriculotemporal nerve
B. Auricular branch of Vagus
C. Occipital nerve
D. Great auricular nerve

3. Rigor mortis is first seen in-
A. Heart
B. Eyelid
C. Face
D. Head

4. Spalding Sign is seen in-
A. Maceration
B. Adipocere
C. Mummification
D. Rigor mortis

5. Regarding shotgun injuries, as distance increases, the pellets begin to diverge Between approx 1-3 meters pellets cause:-
A. Multiple satellite puncture wounds surrounding a larger central hole.
B. Pellets are still traveling as a compact mass
C. Multiple small puncture wounds with no large central hole
D. Multiple small puncture wounds with multiple central holes

6. Which of the following statements about herpes zoster is true –
A. It is not contagious
B. Recurrences are common.
C. incidences increases with age.
D. It is defined by a vesicular eruption.

7. Which one of the following IV Fluids is ‘the best for treating a severe case of cholera?
A. 5% dextrose solution
B. Diarrhoea treatment solution
C. Normal saline
D. Ringer lactate solution

8. A 45- year – old man presents with sudden onset breathlessness and chest pain. Examination revealed tachypnoea, cyanosis, hypotension, raised JVP, widely split second heart sound and right ventricular gallop .What is the most likely diagnosis ?
A. Acute myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock
B. Acute pericarditis
C. Massive pulmonary embolism
D. Pneumothorax

9. Most common complication of Hiatal hernia is-
A. Esophagitis
B. Aspiration pneumonitis
C. Volvulous
D. Esophageal stricture

10. Which of the following features on mammogram would suggest malignancy-
A. Well defined leskan
B. A mass of decreased density
C. Areas of speculated microcalcilication
D. Smooth borders

11. In diagnosing Mullerian Anomalies, which of the following tools is most accuratee-
C. Saline infusion sonography
D. 2D Transvaginal ultrasound

12. if twin A is in a transverse lie and twin B is vertex , the most appropriate route of delivery is-
A. Cesarean section
B. Internal podalic version followed by breech extraction
C. Both
D. Either

13. Anosmia in a patient with poorly developed secondary sexual characteristics , should suggest a diagnosis of-
A. isolated LH deficiency
B. Hemochromaiosis
C. Kallman’ s Syndrome
D. Laurence-Moon -Bardet- Biedel Syndrome

14. Low dose containing OCPs have estrogen concentration in the range of –
A. 5 -10 microgram
B. 20- 30microgram
C. 40-microgram
D. 50-microgram

15. All are Mesonephrlc (Woiffian) remnants except
A. Gartnel’ s duct
B. Ovarian ligament
C. The epoophoron
D. The paroophoron

16. For Downs Syndrome 2nd trimester quadruple test Includes all except
A. Alfa fetal protein
C. Inhibin-A

17. Lower most portion of presenting fetal part at ischial spines means station
A. -1
B. 0
C. +1
D. None

18. What is not developed from paramesonephric ducts?
A. Uterus
B. Upper vagina
C. Hymen
D. Cervix

19. In which condition postpartum hemorrhage will not occur
A. Preterm labour
B. Cervical laceration
C. Prolonged labour
D. Over distension of uterus

20. Elevation of unconlugated (indirect) bilirubin is most commonly seen in which one of the following-
A. Biliary obstruction
B. Crigler-Naijar syndrome
C. Cholestasis
D. Hepatitis

JKPSC Medical Officer Model Question

This Page is the best source to get JKPSC Medical Officer Old Question Papers. Here, you can find the free downloading links of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Exam Question Papers. Since there are huge openings under the JKPSC Recruitment, the aspirants must prepare well to give better performance in the Written Exam. Therefore start your preparation for the JKPSC Medical Officer Exam as much as possible. Applicants can also get the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Medical Officer Exam Syllabus and Test Pattern along with Previous Question Papers.

1. Which of the following is a cause of extravascular hemolysis?
A. Falciparum malaria
B. Sickle cell disease
C. Mismatched blood transfusion
D. Microthrombi in circulation

2. A 10 year old boy developed pharyngitis due to B Hemolytic Streptococci. It subsided after a few days of penicillin therapy. Two weeks later his eyelids ecome puffy, he had lever, elevated blood pressure and gross hematuria. The likeliest diagnosis is –
A. Acute proliferative glomerulonephritis
B. Antiglomerular basement membrane disease
C. Minimal change disease
D. Rapidly progressive glomemlonephritis

3. A 30- Year old man presents with mild gastroenteritis a few days after having sea food in a party. There is no blood or pus in the stool .Culture grown in Wagatsuma agar. Which causative agent is most likely to have caused this illness?
A. Vibrio cholera
B. Vibrio parahaemolyticus
C. Salmonella
D. Shigella sonnei

4. A patient who presents to the hospital with severe headaches develops convulsions and dies. At autopsy the brain grossly has a ‘Swiss cheese’ appearance due to the presence of numerous small cysts containing milky fluid. Microscopicaily, a scolex with hooklets is found within one of these cysts. What is the causative agent tor this disease?
A. Taenia saginata
B. Taenia solium
C. Diphyllobothrium latum
D. Echinococcus granulosa

5. Iniraciavicular lesion of tuberculosis is known as –
A. Gohn’s focus
B. Puhl’s focus
C. Assman’s focus
D. Simmon ‘s focus

6. Parts of fallopian tube from ovary to uterus are-
A. Infundibulum — Isthmus —Ampulla –intramural
B. Ampuila -Isthmus-intramural – Iniundibulum
C. Iniundibulum — Ampuila – lsihmus- Intramural
D. Isthmus- Ampuila — Infundibulum -Intramural

7. Which of the following is not a non-sedative anti-allergic drug?
A. Cetrizine
B. Asiemlzole
C. Terienadine
D. Triproiidine

8. Ketogenesls in starvation is due to –
A. Low level of oxaloacetate
B. Decreased protein synthesis
C. Low level of ATP
D. Low level of NADH

9. Circadin rhythm is controlled by?
A. Suprachiasmatic nucleus
B. Median eminence
C. Pramedian nuclei
D. Supraoptic nuclei

10. Schizophrenia is characterized by all of the following symptoms that occur during a 1 month period except-
A. Hallucinations
B. Disorganized speech
C. Delusions
D. Disorientation

11. The mainstay of treatment in acute bronchial asthma is
A. Local acting steroids
B. Local acting beta-2 agonists
C. Theophylline
D. Oral steroids

12. Coronary angiography can visualize vessels with lumen up to
A. 5mm
B. 1mm
C. 0.5mm
D. 0.1mm

13. Polycythemia is seen in-
A. Bronchial asthma
B. Corpulmonale
C. Vitamin D excess

14. Presence of Visual Hallucination suggests-
A. Schizophrenia
B. Organic brain syndrome
C. Psychotic Depression
D. Hysteria

15. An absolute contraindication to ECT is –
A. Third trimester of pregnancy
B. Lack of peripheral cholinesterase enzyme
C. Recent coronary thrombosis
D. Raised intracranial tension

16. In Subdural hematoma the bleeding results from rupture of
A. Middle Meningeal Artery
B. Bridging Veins
C. Venous Sinuses
D. External Carotid Artery

17. A young male presented with dyspnea, bleeding and petechial hemorrhage in the chest after 2 days, following fracture shaft of the femur right side Most likely cause is
A. Air embolism
B. Fat embolism
C. Pulmonary thrombo-embolism
D. Amniotic fluid embolism

18. Formula for calculating IV fluids for Burn is-
A. Total % body surface area x weight (Kg) x 4= volume (ml)
B. Total % body surface area x weight (Kg) x 5= volume (ml)
C. Total % body surface area x weight (Kg ) x 6= volume (ml)
D. Total % body surface area x weight 9Kg0 x 7= volume (ml)

19. Which of the following facilitates would healing –
A. Ascorbic acid
B. Zinc
C. Vitamin A
D. Selenium

Sample Question Papers for Medical Officers Jobs

We provided the Last years JKPSC Medical Officer Old Question Papers. Candidates who applied for these Jobs and started their Exam Preparation can download the provided JKPSC Medical Officer Previous Papers Pdf and Practice them. On this Page, we have provided the free downloading Links of JKPSC Medical Officer Previous Question Papers.

1. In erect posture commonest site of foreign body in bronchus-
A. Right posterior basal
B. Right anterior basal
C. Lateral basal
D. Medial basal

2. All of the following are characteristic features of Kwashiorkor except-
A. High blood osmoiarity
B. Hypoalbuminemia
C. Edema
D. Fatty liver

3. Onest of action of ketamine is within-
A. 30 seconds
B. 30 to 60 seconds
C. 2 mins
D. 3 mins

4. In acute Congestive glaucoma, pupil is –
A. Oval and horizontal
B. Oval and vertical
C. Circular
D. Slit like

5. Which of the following is the commonest presenting complaint in chronic ostemyelltis.
A. Severe pain
B. High fever
C. Joint stiffness
D. Chronic discharging sinus

6. Calculate the crude birth rate if TFR IS 2.3:
A. 20.4
B. 19.4
C. 21.0
D. Cannot be calculated

7. What is the maximum permissible level of occupational exposure to ionizing radiation per year to the whole body of an individual, as set by the international commission of radiological protection?
A. 2 rad
B. 3rad
C. 5 rad
D. 8 rad

8. Lichen planus is characterized by-
A. Excoriations
B. Impetiginization
C. Hypopigmentation
D. Frequent mucosal involvement

9. A term infant is born to a known HIV positive mother. She has been taking antiretroviral medications prior to delivery. Routine management of the healthy infant should Include:
A. Admission to neonatal ICU for close monitoring
B. HIV ELISA on the infant to determine if congenital infection has occurred
C. A course of Zidovudine for the infant
D. Chest radiographs to evaluate congenital pneumocysticiscarinii

10. Treatment of choice for otosclerosis in a young person is:
A. Hearing aid
B. Stapedectomy
C. Stapes mobilization only
D. Fenestration operation