BFUHS Staff Nurse Question Papers for Baba Farid University of Health Science GNM Nurse

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BFUHS Staff Nurse Question Papers

Use the Baba Farid University of Health Science Previous Papers as a reference for the exam preparation. The BFUHS publishes notifications for the selection of talented & energetic aspirants into several vacancies. Interested & eligible competitors who aimed at Staff Nurse Jobs can apply for the Baba Farid University of Health Science GNM Recruitment.

The Baba Farid University of Health Science Jobs include GNM vacancies. Candidates who wish to apply for the Baba Farid University of Health Science Recruitment can check the eligibility, educational qualification, and such details in the Official Notification.

The BFUHS Applicants can visit the official websites for more details. The applied candidates will be recruited depending on their performance in the BFUHS Selection Process. Check the BFUHS Staff Nurse Question Papers from this page.

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BFUHS Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers

1) The organ that is located in the Right Lower Quadrant is
A) Appendix
B) Heart
C) Left lung
D) Trachea

2) The arteries which primarily feeds the anterior wall of the heart is
A) Circumflex artery
B) Internal mammary artery
C) Left anterior descending artery
D) Left anterior descending artery

3) Total number of bones in human skeletal system are
A) 106
B) 306
C) 206
D) One of the above

4) Correct technique for collection of wound swab from a surgical site for culture & AST is
A) Thoroughly irrigate the wound before collecting sample
B) Use a sterile swab and wipe the crusty area around the outside of the wound
C) Gently roll a sterile swab from the center of the wound outward to collect drainage
D) Use one sterile swab to collect drainage from several possible infected site along the incision

5) Schick test is done for the diagnosis of
A) Rubella
B) Measles
C) Diphtheria
D) Mumps

6) Psychology is the science of
A) Behaviour and mental processes
B) Objective introspection
C) Inductive reasoning
D) Emotion

7) In Freud’s Theory of Personality
A) The ego obeys the reality principle
B) The id operates by secondary process
C) The super ego obeys the pleasure principle
D) The ego operates by primary process thinking

8) What does NPP stand for
A) National Population Programme
B) National Population Project
C) National Population Policy
D) National Population Production

9) Type of patient care model most common for student nurses and private duty nurses is
A) Total patient care
B) Team nursing
C) Primary care
D) Case management

10) The founder of modern nursing is
A) Dorthea Orem
B) Clara Barton
C) Florence Nightingale
D) Imogene King

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11) Back care is given to
A) Improve blood circulation
B) Removing dirt
C) Patient feels fresh and comfortable
D) All of the above

12) Aims & objectives of steam inhalation
A) Liquefies secretions
B) Promotes breathing
C) Helps in bringing out sputum
D) All of the above

13) ADL stand for
A) Activities of daily learning
B) Activities of daily living
C) Action done for learning
D) None of the above

14) First aid management for acid burn injury
A) Flush the area with plenty of water
B) Do not touch the affected part
C) Elevate the affected part
D) Inform the police

15) First aid management of spinal cord injury
A) Remove the patient in sitting position
B) Remove the casualty as a log piece
C) Provide cold drinks for the casualty
D) None of the above

16) Important method to control severe external haemorrhage over lower limb is
A) Do not apply any dressing over the wound
B) Clean the injured part
C) Apply tourniquet at the earliest
D) Do not attempt any intervention till medical aid arrives

17) Hand washing is practiced to prevent
A) Contamination of food and water
B) Sexually transmitted diseases
C) Communicable diseases
D) None of the above

18) Hepatitis B vaccine should not be given to
A) Neonate
B) Immigrants
C) Health care professionals
D) Individual above 65 years

19) Instructions to be observed when administering a Mantoux test is
A) Use the deltoid muscle
B) Rub the site to help absorption
C) Read the result within 48 to 72 hours
D) Read the result for checking for a rash

20) The substance that transmit HIV is
A) Blood
B) Faeces
C) Saliva
D) Urine

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21) Opportunistic disease caused by protozoa in clients with AIDS is
A) Tuberculosis
B) Histoplasmosis
C) Kaposi’s sarcoma
D) Pneumocystis carinii infection

22) A Community health nurse visits a client diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. When she arrives at her house, he calls her Satan, shouts at her, and tells her to back away. Which of the following interventions has priority?
A) Use his phone and call the police
B) Remain safe by leaving the house
C) Talk to him in a calm voice to reduce his agitation
D) Remind him who she is and that he has nothing to fear.

23) A Public Health Nurse visiting a new post-partum client notices that the client has two children under 4 years of age. She notices the younger one playing near the sink. Instructions to be given to the client are
A) Cover the infants hands with gloves
B) Make sure all liquid cleaners are labeled
C) Tighten all cap tops on the bottles
D) Remove all liquid cleaners that could be ingested orally

24) The disinfecting action of chlorine is mainly due to
A) Hypochloric acid
B) Hypochlorous acid
C) Hypochlorite ion
D) Hypochloric acid

25) The teaching method which consists of a series of cards is
A) Flannel graph
B) Flash cards
C) Booklet
D) None of the above

26) The best way of learning is
A) Learning by doing
B) Listening
C) Hearing
D) None of the above

27) Type of foods advised to a client with low purine rich food is
A) Banana and dry fruits
B) Milk, ice cream, yogurt
C) Wine, cheese, preserved food, meat and vegetables
D) Anchovies, sardines, kidney, sweat bread & lentils

28) Which of the following is not considered as a nutrient?
A) Vitamin
B) Minerals
C) Fibres
D) Fat

29) Supplemental medication most frequently ordered in conjunction with furosemide (Lasix) is
A) Chloride
B) Digoxin
C) Potassium
D) Sodium

30) A middle aged client reports to A & E department with complains of chest and stomach pain; and passing black stool since one month. Which intervention should be done first
A) Nasal oxygen
B) Record vital signs
C) Cardiac monitoring
D) Collection of blood sample for investigation

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31) Instructions given to a client of cystitis to avoid prevent recurrence is
A) Bathe in a tub
B) Wear cotton panties
C) Use feminine hygiene spray
D) Limit intake of cranberry juice

32) Method used to give IV Phenytoin is
A) Use an in-line filter
B) Withhold other anticonvulsant
C) Mix the drug with saline solution only
D) Flush the IV catheter with dextrose solution

33) Dyspnoea, cough, expectoration, weakness and oedema are classic signs and symptoms of which of the following conditions.
A) Pericarditis
B) Hypertension
C) Myocardial Infarction
D) Heart failure

34) When medical treatment fails, which of the following invasive procedure is necessary for treating cardiomyopathy
A) Cardiac catherization
C) Heart transplant
D) Intra-aortic balloon pump

35) Important pre-operative assessment to a living donor for renal transplant
A) Urine output
B) Sign for graft rejection
C) Signs and symptoms of infection
D) Client support system and understanding of life style changes

36) Client with cupious expectoration with x-ray chest showing tuberculosis. Action to be performed immediately is
A) Repeat x-ray chest
B) Tracheostomy
C) Bronchoscopy
D) Arterial blood gas analysis

37) The priority of nursing intervention of 72 year old man with cirrhosis of liver in hepatic coma is
A) Perform a neurologic check
B) Complete the client admission
C) Orient the client to his environment
D) Check airway, breathing and circulation

38) Causes of hiatal hernia is
A) Increased intrathoracic pressure
B) Weakness of the oesophageal muscle :
C) Increased oesophageal muscle pressure
D) Weakness of the diaphragmatic muscle

39) Nursing intervention given priority in a plan of care for a client with panic disorder is
A) Tell the client to take deep breathe
B) Have the client talk about the anxiety
C) Encourage the client to verbalise feeling
D) Ask the client about the cause of the attack

40) Most commonly affected sensory organ in case of a schizophrenic client presenting with hallucination is
A) Hearing
B) Smell
C) Touch
D) Vision

41) Drug of choice as an antagonist for magnesium sulphate is
A) Oxytocin
B) Terbutaline
C) Calcium gluconate
D) Naloxone

42) Client in labour is receiving oxytocin drip to aide her progress getting strong contractions for 60 seconds Priority action to be taken by the nurse is
A) Stop the oxytocin infusion
B) Inform obstetrician
C) Monitor FHS
D) Turn the client on her left side

43) Term used for thinning sand shortening of cervix just before and during labour is
A) Ballottment
B) Dilatation
C) Effacement
D) Multiparous

44) Important intervention to be performed by a nurse on a client who has delivered twins is
A) Assess fundal tone and lochia flow
B) Apply a cold pack to the perineal area
C) Administer analgesic as ordered
D) Encourage voiding by offering the bedpan

45) Factors indicating a cardiac defect which might be found when assessing one month old infant is
A) Weight gain
B) Hyperactivity
C) Poor nutritional intake
D) Pink mucous membrane

46) Toxic adverse reaction seen in a child taking digoxin is
A) Weight gain
B) Tachycardia
C) Nausea and vomiting
D) Purple tinge around objects or halos

47) Nursing has a code of ethics that professional registered nurses follows
A) Defines the principles by which nurses provide care to their client
B) Ensure identical care to all client
C) Protect the client from harm
D) Improve self-health care

48) The scientific method is preferred over other ways of knowing because it is more
A) Reliable
B) Systemic
C) Accurate
D) All of the above

49) Research is
A) Alab experiment
B) Areport
C) Asystematic enquiry
D) A procedure

50) The most critical areas of an article is
A) Abstract
B) Introduction
C) Limitations
D) Result section