Test Paper on General Awareness for all Competitive Exam

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Test Paper on General Awareness
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General Knowledge Test Paper

1. The Chemical name of Laughing gas is?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Nitrous Oxide
(c) Nitric Oxide
(d) Sulphur di Oxide

2. Cream gets separated from milk when it is churned because of-
(a) Gravitational Force
(b) Cohesive Force
(c) Centrifugal force
(d) Frictional force

3. Newton is a unit of
(a) Work
(b) Energy
(c) Force
(d) Acceleration

4. The compounds leading to origin of life were-
(a) Urea and nucleic acids
(b) Amino acids and urea
(c) Proteins and nucleic acids
(d) Protein and amino acids.

5. Which enzyme can catalyze the conversion of glucose to ethanol?
(a) Zymase
(b) Omvertase
(c) Maltase
(d) Diastase

6. The normal temperature of the human body is-
(a) 37 degree C
(b) 98 degree C
(c) 367 degree C
(d) None of the above

7. The pH value of blood is
(a) 5.0
(b) 6.4
(c) 7.4
(d) 8.0

8. What does NOTA in the Electronic Voting Machine stand for?
(a) None of the above
(b) No one to accept
(c) No option to above
(d) None of the alternatives

9. Which is the twin city of Hyderabad?
(a) Aurangabad
(b) Secunderabad
(c) Moradabad
(d) Guntur

10. The jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court covers how many states?
(a) One
(b) Four
(c) Seven
(d) Five

11. Hepatitis affects which of the following organs?
(a) Joints
(b) Liver
(c) Thyroid
(d) Kidney

12. Which of the following States has a border with China?
(a) Assam
(b) West Bengal
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Mizoram

13. NEFA was the earlier name of which of the following states
(a) Assam
(b) Arunachal Pradesh
(c) Meghalaya
(d) West Bengal

14. Inner line permit is necessary to go to which of the following states
(a) West Bengal
(b) Assam
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Kerala

15. Which of the following States has an international border with Bangladesh
(a) Tripura
(b) Sikkim
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Nagaland

16. Where is the educational institution called NERIST (North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology) situated?
(a) Shillong
(b) Guwahati
(c) Nirjuli
(d) Aizawl

17. The world’s only floating National Park is situated in?
(a) Bilashpur
(b) Dispur
(c) Manipur
(d) Kuala Larnpur

18. The term ’sufi’ is derived from:
(a) a type of poetry
(b) a type of garment
(c) a language
(d) the name of a place

19. The court language of Mughals was:-
(a) Arabic
(b) Hindi
(c) Persian
(d) Urdu

20. Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in:-
(a) 1886
(b) 1892
(c) 1896

21. Which of the following states shares longest border with Bangladesh?
(a) Meghalaya
(b) Assam
(c) West Bengal
(d) Mizoram

22. The Sangai Festival is organised in
(a) Assam
(b) Manipur
(c) Mizoram
(d) Nagaland

23. India’s first satellite is named after
(a) Aryabhatta
(b) Bhaskara II
(c) Bhaskara I
(d) Albert Einstein

24. If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in metre, then the work done is expressed in
(a) Joule
(b) Kg wt
(c) Kg wt m
(d) Watt

25. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in
(a) 1974
(b) 1984
(c) 1994
(d) 2004

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26. If the plane of the earth’s equator were not inclined to the plane of the earth’s orbit
(a) the year would be longer
(b) the winters would be longer
(c) there would be no change of seasons
(d) the summers would be warmer

27. Logarithm tables were invented by
(a) John Napier
(b) John Doe
(c) John Harrison
(d) John Douglas

28. Modern football is said to have evolved from
(a) England
(b) India
(c) France
(d) Spain

29. Malfunctioning of which of the following organs causes jaundice?
(a) Stomach
(b) Pancreas
(c) Liver
(d) Kidney

30. Liquids transmit pressure equally in all directions. This is known as
(a) Boyle-Pascal’s Law
(b) Pascal’s Law
(c) Archimedes’ Principle
(d) None of these

31. John F. Kennedy, President of USA, died on
(a) 1963
(b) 1964
(c) 1965
(d) 1966

32. Nuclear power is __________ thermal power.
(a) cheaper than
(b) costlier than
(c) equal in amount
(d) they cannot be related

33. Most commonly used bleaching agent is
(a) Alcohol
(b) carbon dioxide
(c) chlorine
(d) sodium chloride

34. Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to
(a) increase the alkalinity of the soil
(b) increase the acidity of the soil
(c) restore nitrates to the soil
(d) make the soil more porous

35. Microphone is used to convert
(a) sound waves into electrical energy
(b) sound waves into light rays
(c) electrical energy into sound waves
(d) sound waves into magnetic currents

36. The air we inhale is mixture of gases. Which of the following gases in the mixture is highest in percentage?
(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Nitrogen
(c) Oxygen
(d) Ozone

37. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because
(a) it always lets the steam escape
(b) high pressure crushes the hard covering of rice grains
(c) it does not let the heat energy escape easily
(d) high pressure raises the boiling point of water

38. Super conductivity is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a substance
(a) increases with temperature
(b) decreases with temperature
(c) does not change with temperature
(d) becomes zero at very low temperature

39. The energy of food is measured in
(a) Kelvin
(b) Calories
(c) Bushel
(d) None of these

40. The clear sky looks blue because of
(a) reflection of light
(b) refraction of light
(c) diffraction of light
(d) dispersion of light

41. The headquarters of the United Nations is at
(a) Geneva
(b) Paris
(c) New York
(d) Washington, D.C.

42. The refrigerant commonly used for domestic refrigerators is
(a) Alcohol
(b) Ammonia
(c) Neon
(d) none of these

43. The term of office of the UN Secretary-General is
(a) three years
(b) four years
(c) five years
(d) six years

44. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was
(a) Newton
(b) Dalton
(c) Copernicus
(d) Einstein

45. The number of chromosomes in human body is
(a) 42
(b) 44
(c) 46
(d) 48

46. To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belong?
(a) Ghana
(b) South Korea
(c) Spain
(d) Sweden

47. The velocity of sound in air (under normal condition) is
(a) 30 m/sec
(b) 320 m/sec
(c) 343 m/sec
(d) 3,320 m/sec

48. When a moving bus stops suddenly, the passengers are pushed forward because of the
(a) friction between the earth and the bus
(b) friction between the passengers and the earth
(c) inertia of the passengers
(d) inertia of the bus

49. When the batsman, in cricket, is out without scoring a single run, is called
(a) Drive
(b) Duck
(c) Flight
(d) Googly

50. What is the function of a dynamo?
(a) To convert heat energy into light energy
(b) To convert light energy into heat energy
(c) To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
(d) To convert electrical energy into mechanical energy