Question Set on Sentence Competition for GRE Practice

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Sentence Competition for GRE

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Model Questions on Sentence Competition for GRE

Direction: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given below.

1. The people’s movement asserted the pre-eminence of the ___________.
1) proletariat
2) autarchy
3) monarchy
4) anarchy

2. Many politicians are dubiously known for their ____________.
1) corpulence
2) mendacity
3) eulogy
4) generosity

3. My aunt talks a lot. Definitely, she is _________.
1) vacant
2) voluble
3) diurnal
4) practitious

4. Are you lying on oath? Then you can be tried for ____________.
1) cowardice
2) perfidy
3) perjury
4) infamy

5. He joined the company in January. After six months ______________.
1) he became the Chief Supervisor.
2) he was the Chief Supervisor.
3) he wants to aim at the Chief Supervisor.
4) he will try for the role of the Chief Supervisor.

6. My child did not trouble me. She was __________.
1) as white as snow.
2) as clear as crystal.
3) as good as gold.
4) as frightened as a mouse.

7. When machines go kaput, they __________.
1) break off
2) break out
3) break down
4) break in

8. If one supports a cause, he is an _________ for the cause.
1) apologist
2) caretaker
3) epitome
4) exemplar

9. A huge _________ of the actor was placed on the main road
1) cut out
2) cutout
3) mannequin
4) paint

10. She finished her speech _____________.
1) with a panache
2) with a flourish
3) in distaste
4) in virtuosity

More Practice Set on Sentence Completion

11. In its short existence since the early nineties, the company has provided an _______ for innovative music which might not have survived the passage through the channels of the mainstream.
1) voice
2) outlet
3) exit
4) option

12. Proverbs are short, ____________ sayings that reflect the accumulated wisdom, prejudices, and superstitions of the human race.
1) exciting
2) related
3) pithy
4) mordant

13. On many occasions when people invoke prejudices in speech and writing, they simply _______ to them, rather than complete them.
1) allude
2) voice
3) convey
4) remark

14. A day after asking to _________, the Palestinian premier meets with Arafat, whose naming of a cousin to the key post of premier sparks violent unrest.
1) resign
2) abdicate
3) renounce
4) accept

15. The _____________ of shares under the employee share purchase scheme and the cash grant would result in a charge on the company and would adversely impact its income, the prospectus said.
1) marking
2) allocation
3) letting
4) marketing

16. For the first time, Mumbai’s Crime Branch will be headed by a lady police officer, when Meera Borwankar takes over from Joint Commissioner of Police Satya Pal Singh, as part of a major ________ in the Maharashtra police set up, in which at least 53 senior police officials were transferred.
1) organization
2) exercise
3) event
4) reshuffle

17. This investigation concerns itself with one small aspect of this ___________ of war propaganda: the characterizations of the enemy presented to Americans in the feature-length war films Hollywood produced between 1941 and 1946.
1) amount
2) deluge
3) overkill
4) quantity

18. The reason for this fact, simply put, is that although all types of _________ and recipe books are available today, people still go to restaurants.
1) ingredients
2) takeaways
3) cookery
4) gastronomic

19. The class of 2005 graduated _______ optimism for the future.
1) feeling
2) on the note of
3) full of
4) encouraged with

20. The Municipal hospital’s] approach to health care seems totally ____________.
1) chaotic
2) haphazard
3) messy
4) exemplary

21. Every girl feels excitement and sadness in equal _________ when she leaves her father’s house
1) number
2) measure
3) quantity
4) amount

22. Ayush flaunted his success _______ others.
1) before
2) to
3) in front of
4) for

23. Sheela is in Central Jail __________ trial on murder charges.
1) seeking
2) taking
3) looking forward to
4) awaiting

24. After nightfall, the policeman on duty is always __________ a baton.
1) armed with
2) equipped with
3) wielding
4) threatening with

25. Sania Mirza scored amazingly in the 10th minute _____________.
1) ending the run of the play
2) against the run of play
3) in the normal run of the play
4) making a run for it

26. The security guard found him in the parking lot, _________ in a pool of blood.
1) wilted
2) slumped
3) flaccid
4) lost

27. Suresh was __________ an obsession and would not listen to reason.
1) in the clasp of
2) in the clutches of
3) in the grip of
4) in the clench of

28. Abdul has a rather tenuous ___________ of reality.
1) grasp
2) knowledge
3) idea
4) grip

29. Despite ________ evidence of tobacco’s harmful effects and pressure from anti-smoking advocates, current surveys show that about one-quarter of all adults in the United States are smokers.
1) tricky
2) overwhelming
3) buoyant
4) full

30. _____________ into the increased demand for highly specialised holidays, the PIS group offers five unique destinations.
1) Carvings
2) Tapping
3) Getting
4) Seeking

31. Another fascinating aspect of the newly recognised psychosomatic network is the discovery that peptides are the biochemical ____________ of emotions.
1) destination
2) receptacle
3) allegories
4) manifestations

32. The crisis __________ from the fact that we subscribe to the concepts of an outdated world view.
1) bases
2) derives
3) encroaches
4) causes

33. When she came out, he noted the peculiar combination of ________ and her head held high.
1) arrogance
2) diffidence
3) rancour
4) innocence

34. Investigators believe that the minor who was gagged was apparently chained to the bed post __________ escaping.
1) to prevent her from
2) to preclude
3) so that she would be prevented
4) prevented

35. Inspite of indications to the contrary, the politician ordered that _______________.
1) the slums to be demolished.
2) the slums be demolished.
3) the demolition within the slums.
4) the slums should have to be demolished.

36. Preliminary studies show that the more women embrace higher education _______________.
1) their tendency is greater for limitation of their family size.
2) the greater the tendency in limiting family size.
3) the greater their tendency to limit their family size.
4) their tendency is greater to limit family size.

37. In the wake of rising unemployment, most graduates are __________ after a long and hopeless search in an overcrowded job market.
1) taking the bull by the horns
2) getting on the bandwagon
3) at the end of their tether
4) keeping the ball in their court

38. Drastic price-cutting by competitor companies, which should _________ is often ignored by the top selling companies, causing them to lose their sales.
1) stay the course
2) race against the clock
3) set the alarm bells ringing
4) be on the blink

39. If the empirical studies don’t support our research hypothesis we have to _________ and reframe the hypothesis.
1) rock the boat
2) set the ball rolling
3) live on the edge
4) go back to the drawing board

40. New evidence suggests that we have been _________ in our search for a cure.
1) letting the cat out of the bag
2) barking up the wrong tree
3) living off the fat of the land
4) piling on the agony

41. The young tennis star is charismatic and raring to go and possesses outstanding skills. ______________.
1) He is the jewel of the crown
2) The world is his oyster
3) He should throw caution to the winds
4) May the best man win

42. The difficulties we’ve discussed are _____________.
1) only the tip of the iceberg
2) a chip off the old block
3) a drop in the ocean
4) playing the field