Environmental Studies Mock Test

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Environmental Studies Mock Test

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Mock Test on Environmental Studies

1. The height of tropopause over the equator is about……….km.
(A) 10
(B) 8
(C) 16
(D) 12

2. Dry adiabatic lapse rate is about ……………°C/km.
(A) 7
(B) 4·5
(C) 9·8
(D) 12

3. Which of the following is not a green-house gas ?
(A) O3
(B) Ar
(C) CO2
(D) CH4

4. Wetlands located in the low-laying depressions and flood plains associated with :
(A) Lakes
(B) Ponds
(C) Dammed water
(D) River

5. Fluoride in water mainly affects :
(A) Teeth
(B) Brain
(C) Muscles
(D) Kidney

6. ……………are genetically differentiated subspecies that are well adapted to the particular set of environmental condition :
(A) Ecotypics
(B) Species
(C) Genera
(D) Bioacous

7. In economics service is provided by economic capital, then what will be in ecology ?
(A) National capital
(B) Exponential expansion
(C) Disposal
(D) Manufacturing

8. Levels of organization is seen in an ecological spectrum :
(A) Gene -> Cell -> Organs -> Organism -> Population -> Communities
(B) Cell -> Gene -> Organism -> Communities and Population
(C) Organism -> Organ -> Cell -> Gene -> Population -> Communities
(D) Communities -> Population -> Gene & Cells

9. In a waste water treatment plant, the removal of setteleable solid and floating matter is done in a :
(A) Primary classifiers
(B) Grit chamber
(C) Bar screen
(D) Equalization tank

10. In an activated sludge method used for sewage treatment aeration is done by :
(A) Natural aeration
(B) Surface mechanical aeration
(C) No aeration is required
(D) Surface and diffuse aeration

11. Three basic processes are involved in the overall anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge following any of the sequence :
(A) Hydrolysis -> Fermentation -> Methanogenesis
(B) Fermentation -> Hydrolysis -> Methanogenesis
(C) Hydrolysis -> Methanogenesis -> Fermentation
(D) Methanogenesis -> Fermentation -> Hydrolysis

12. In a nitrogen cycle denitrification is :
(A) Organic matter -> Ammonia
(B) Ammonia -> Nitrites
(C) Nitrites -> Nitrates
(D) Nitrates -> Nitrogen

13. A regression line passing through zero will have intercept value of :
(A) + 1
(B) + ·05
(C) Zero
(D) – 1

14. A combination of numbers has geometric mean as 6·0 and arithmetic mean as 6·3. These numbers are :
(A) 6, 6, 6
(B) 5, 6, 8
(C) 4, 6, 9
(D) None of the above

15. Tropical storms (cyclones) over the Bay of Bengal & the Arabian Sea have a bimodal frequency having peaks during :
(A) Jan.-Feb. & March-May
(B) Dec.-Jan & March-April
(C) March-May & Oct.-Nov
(D) July-August & April-May

16. On the west coast the rainfall is heavy during south west monsoon due to :
(A) Decreases as we move westwards
(B) Increases over the Ghats & then decreases westwards
(C) Increases westwards uniformly
(D) Decreases over the Ghats & then increases westwards

17. Severe thunderstorm known as Norwesters are common in………… during pre monsoon season.
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Assam & Bengal
(D) Konkan & Goa

18. Which one of the following is a strong electrophile ?
(A) NO
(B) NO+
(C) NO2
(D) NO2+

19. The Diluvial theory identified which of the following factors as responsible for the shaping of today’s earth surface :
(A) Plate Tectonics
(B) Glaciers
(C) The nature of the Earth’s orbit around the sun
(D) Floods

20. In oceanic oxygen isotope data, more oxygen 18 indicates which of the following conditions ?
(A) Warm temperatures
(B) Cold temperatures
(C) Snow enriched in oxygen 18
(D) Windy conditions

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21. Activity of methanogens in biomethanation digester is totally inhibited due to :
(A) More oxygen (8 ppm)
(B) Neutral pH (6·8-7·2) of feedstock slurry
(C) Presence of syntrophic microbes
(D) Absence of oxygen

22. In order to use Tree rings to reconstruct past environmental conditions, which of the following scales must be developed ?
(A) Delta PDB
(B) Delta SMOW
(C) GISP Core
(D) Calibration Interval

23. Which of the following may be responsible for a widening of recent tree rings ?
(A) Aging of trees
(B) Increasing dry conditions
(C) Later, cooler springs
(D) Increased atmospheric CO2

24. The period during which the sun lacned sun spots is referred to as the :
(A) Milankovitch Mechanism
(B) Maunder Minimum
(C) Year without a summer
(D) Last ICE AGE

25. Passive solar heating technique can be used in building design in mid by latitude having :
(A) Large windows facing South
(B) Large windows facing North
(C) Small windows facing South
(D) Windows facing East or West

26. Arrange the following Greenhouse gases in the increasing order of their contribution to global warming :
(A) CH4, CO2, NOX
(B) CH4, NOX, CO2
(C) NOX, CH4, CO2
(D) CO2, CH4, NOX

27. Monsoon Depressions which are common during S-W Monsoon season :
(A) Form over NE Bay of Bengal
(B) Form over Arabian sea
(C) Form over South-East Bay of Bengal
(D) Form over North Maharashtra Gujrat coast

28. The elongated and streamlined ridges that look like an overturned ship’s hull that are created by wind abrasion are called :
(A) Yardangs
(B) Pediments
(C) Inselbergs
(D) Buffes

29. The greatest recorded mass extinction to affect Earth occurred at the end of…………….period.
(A) Cretaceous
(B) Tertiary
(C) Peronian
(D) Jurassic

30. A beveled surface that slopes gently seaward, formed by erosion and landward retreat of a sea cliff is termed as :
(A) Plateau
(B) Wave-cut platform
(C) Wave base
(D) Table land

31. The zone above water table that contains both water and air within the spore spaces of the rock sediment or soil is termed as :
(A) zone of accumulation
(B) zone of saturation
(C) zone of aeration
(D) zone of wastage

32. The on-site monitoring data is known as……………….data.
(A) Secondary
(B) Primary
(C) Tertiary
(D) numerical

33. Which of the biota will suffer in the anoxic situation of the lake ?
(A) Floating
(B) Surface
(C) Benthic
(D) Peripheral

34. Socio-economic Impact Assessment of proposed project can be best interpreted by :
(A) Absolute threshold value (ATV)
(B) Rational threshold value (RTV)
(C) Critical threshold value (CTV)
(D) Normal threshold value (NTV)

35. Which of the following is not correct for a major project ?
(A) Substantial capital investment
(B) Cover large area
(C) Wide range impacts
(D) Employ less numbers

36. Which Article of the Indian Constitution mentioned about the ownership and control of the land resources of the country should be so distributed as best to serve the common good ?
(A) Article 51
(B) Article 31
(C) Article 39
(D) Article 21

37. Under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 one of the mandate is to have People’s Biodiversity Registered and is to be documented by :
(A) Local communities/people
(B) Scientist
(C) Dept. of Environment
(D) Forest Dept.

38. In wastewater treatment………………. is the odor formation and causes impact on treatment process.
(A) Sulfate
(B) Chlorine
(C) Akalinity
(D) Nitrate

39. The process used in domestic water softening, where sodium ion form a cationic exchange resin replace the calcium & magnesium ion reducing the hardness of water is done by :
(A) ion-exchange
(B) sand filtration
(C) sedimentation
(D) chlorination

40. COD test in a measure of the oxygen equivalent of organic matter in wastewater that can be oxidized by :
(A) Dichromate in an acid solution
(B) 3 days incubation
(C) 5 days incubation
(D) Incubation with microbes seed

41. In a pre-treatment for sewage treatment plants following are removed :
(A) Large suspended material
(B) Grit & large suspended material
(C) Settlable material
(D) Oily and fatty substances

42. In economics resonance use is a linear, then in ecology it will be :
(A) Circular
(B) Carrying capacity
(C) Capital
(D) Expansion

43. ………………is used to study genetic diversity amongst the species.
(C) mRNA
(D) tRNA

44. The list of species may become threatened if trade is not strictly regulated. For such species requires export permit are included in the category under CITES :
(A) Appendix II
(B) Appendix I
(C) Appendix III
(D) Appendix B

45. Life zone system used for classifying vegetation formation, based on a gradient of mean annual biotemperature with latitude and altitutde, percentage precipitation and evapotranspiration was proposed by :
(A) Holdridge
(B) Wittakar
(C) Clements
(D) Odum

46. Community, which becomes stable and in equilibrium with the climate is known as :
(A) Climax community
(B) Serol community
(C) Mixed community
(D) Pioneer community

47. Illegal trade of endangered species of plant and animal is most prevalent in :
(A) Developed countries
(B) Tropical countries
(C) Temperate countries
(D) Industrialized countries

48. A study to reconstruct past ecosystem and in particular to see how ecosystems and communities function before human become a major influence :
(A) Evolutionary ecology
(B) Historical ecology
(C) Palaeoecology
(D) Habitat ecology

49. Precipitation value of biodiversity is :
(A) Consumption use value
(B) Production use value
(C) Ecosystem service value
(D) Essential value

50. Phyto-sociological studies the size of area selected is based on :
(A) Random size
(B) Species-area curve
(C) Population of species
(D) Quadrate