Agriculture Engineering Mock Test Papers

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Agriculture Engineering Mock Test Papers

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Mock Test Papers on Agriculture Engineering

1. At what speed do hammers rotate in a Hammer Mill?
(1) 1200 to 7000 rpm
(2) 1500 to 4000 rpm
(3) 1000 to 1500 rpm
(4) 700 to 1000 rpm

2. In milk processing, homogenizer is used to reduce the fat globules size to:
(1) Less than 2 millimetres
(2) Less than 20 millimetres
(3) Less than 2 microns
(4) None of the above

3. Complete the sentence correctly.
The spiral separator separates the grains as per their _____________.
(1) Size
(2) Shape
(3) Roundness
(4) Sphericity

4. Fill in the blank correctly.
The Equilibrium moisture content is determined at constant relative humidity and _________ conditions of air.
(1) Pressure
(2) Volume
(3) temperature
(4) None of the above

5. In a body when stress is directly proportional to strain, what is the relationship known as?
(1) Newton’s law
(2) Hook’s law
(3) Kelvin model
(4) Maxwell model

6. At what relative humidity, the dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and dew point temperature of moist air are the same?
(1) 1 percent
(2) 50 percent
(3) 100 percent
(4) Difficult to predict

7. What is the number of molecular weight of solute expressed in kg in 1 m3 of solution?
(1) Molar concentration
(2) Mole fraction
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) None of the above

8. What will be the moisture content on dry basis if the moisture content of paddy on wet basis is 20%?
(1) 20%
(2) more than 20%
(3) less than 20%
(4) none of the above

9. What is the removal of foreign and undesirable matter from the desired products called as?
(1) Washing
(2) Cleaning
(3) Sorting
(4) scalping

10. Complete the sentence.
A stream of product to be dried is very finely atomized in a stream of hot air is a general principle of ___.
(1) Vacuum dryer
(2) Spray dryer
(3) Tray dryer
(4) All of the above

11. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.
In homogenization process ___________ of milk increases with increasing homogenizing pressure.
(1) Viscosity
(2) Total soluble solids
(3) Acidity
(4) pH

12. What is the most commonly used refrigeration system now a days?
(1) Vapour compression refrigeration
(2) Vapour absorption refrigeration
(3) Electrolux refrigeration
(4) Steam jet refrigeration

13. What reduces the size of food grain in an attrition mill?
(1) Impact and shear
(2) Crushing and shear
(3) Impact and crushing
(4) Impact only

14. Fill in the blank with the correct option.
During a refrigeration cycle, heat is rejected by a refrigerant in a ________.
(1) Compressor
(2) Condenser
(3) evaporator
(4) expansion device/valve

15. What is the cheapest conveying equipment to convey bulk grains over large distance?
(1) Belt conveyor
(2) Screw conveyor
(3) Bucket elevator
(4) Pneumatic conveyor

16. How are the equilibrium moisture curves or grain isotherms generally?
(1) S-shaped
(2) L-shaped
(3) Straight line
(4) V-shaped

17. What is the meaning of equilibrium moisture content?
(1) The moisture content of the centre of the product when it is in equilibrium with the surface.
(2) The moisture content of the product when it is in equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.
(3) The moisture content of the product when it is less than surrounding atmosphere.
(4) The moisture content of the product when it is higher than surrounding atmosphere.

18. What requires high power and may cause damage to conveyed material?
(1) Chain conveyor
(2) Pneumatic conveyor
(3) Belt conveyor
(4) Screw conveyor

19. How does the screw conveyor generally move the grains?
(1) Vertically
(2) Horizontally
(3) Inclined
(4) None of the above

20. Fill in the blank with the correct option.
Centrifugal discharge is used extensively for handling small grains in ________.
(1) belt conveyor
(2) chain conveyor
(3) screw conveyor
(4) bucket elevator

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21. What does the constant rate drying period depend on?
(a) Area exposed.
(b) Difference in humidity between air and wet surface.
(c) Coefficient of mass transfer.
(d) Velocity of drying air.
(1) only (a) and (b)
(2) only (a) and (c)
(3) only (d)
(4) (a), (6), (c) and (d)

22. The Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) biogas model is of which type?
(1) FRP biogas plant
(2) Floating gas holder
(3) Fixed dome digester
(4) Mobile biogas plant

23. Which instrument is used to measure the direct and diffused radiation in terms of energy per unit time per unit area on horizontal surface?
(1) Thermometer
(2) Pyranometer
(3) Anemometer
(4) Sun shine recorder

24. From what can biogas be produced?
(a) Cow dung
(b) Poultry droppings
(c) Plant garbage
(d) Flesh of carcasses
(1) (a) and (b)
(2) (a) only
(3) (a), (b) and (c)
(4) all of these

25. Fill in the blank correctly.
Step-up transformer receives energy at one voltage and delivers it at a __________ voltage.
(1) Lower
(2) Higher
(3) Same
(4) Zero

26. What is a universal motor?
(1) is available universally
(2) can be marketed internationally
(3) can be operated either on dc or ac supply
(4) runs at dangerously high speed on no load

27. What are the steps as per generally recognized strategy for site selection of wind mill installations?
(a) Survey of historical wind data is done.
(b) Contour maps of terrain: and wind are consulted.
(c) Potential sites are instrumented for approximately one year.
(d) Optimal site is chosen.
(1) (a), (b) and (d)
(2) (a) and (d)
(3) (a), (c) and (d)
(4) (a), (b), (c) and (d)

28. How many fold increase in the available wind power will there be, if the diameter of a rotor of horizontal axis wind mill is doubled?
(1) 2
(2) 4
(3) 6
(4) 8

29. Complete the sentence.
The surface azimuth angle (y) varies from _____________ .
(1) 0° to 180°
(2) 180° to 270°
(3) 180° to 180°
(4) 180° to 360°

30. What is the calorific value of biogas in kcal per cubic meter?
(1) 3000
(2) 3700
(3) 4700
(4) 5500

31. What is the range of voltage applied to the electrical fence?
(1) 6000 to 15000 volts pulsating
(2) 6000 to 15000 volts continuous
(3) 1000 to 6000 volts pulsating
(4) 1000 to 6000 volts continuous

32. What for is a fuse provided for electric circuit?
(1) safe – guarding the circuit against heavy current
(2) decreasing current flowing in a circuit
(3) increasing current flowing in a circuit
(4) decreasing power consumption in a circuit

33. Fill in the blank.
In fixed dome type biogas plant, gas availability is at __________ pressure.
(1) Atmospheric
(2) Constant
(3) Variable
(4) None of these

34. Which of the following is not a part of flat plate solar collectors?
(1) Transparent cover
(2) Absorber plate
(3) Insulation
(4) Heliostat

35. India is having about 10 million motors with average rating of 3.7 kW. If the efficiency is increased from 80% to 90%, how much power will be saved per year, considering annual use of 1000 hrs?
(1) 2.96 billion kWh
(2) 4.62 billion kWh
(3) 5.14 billion kWh
(4) 0.9 billion kWh

36. Fill in the blanks appropriately.
Wind speed _____with height; at the height of 10 m was found to be __________ than that close to the ground.
(1) increase ; 5 – 10% higher
(2) decrease ; 5 – 10% lower
(3) increase ; 20 – 25% higher
(4) decrease ; 20 – 25% lower

37. Fill in the blank correctly.
Methane bacteria work best at a temperature range of ____________ for optimum biogas production.
(1) 10 – 20°C
(2) 35 – 38°C
(3) 5-15°C
(4) 40 – 50°C

38. Which of the following are the direct or indirect applications of solar energy?
(a) Solar water heating
(b) Space cooling
(c) Wind energy
(d) Solar cooking
(1) (a) only
(2) (a) and (d)
(3) (a), (c) and (d)
(4) all of above

39. What is the relative requirement of the Savonius rotor machine due to which it has become popular, since operation?
(1) high velocity wind
(2) low velocity wind
(3) low maintenance
(4) moderate velocity wind

40. What type of windows are provided on the sloping surface of a pitched roof?
(1) Clerestorey
(2) Bay
(3) Lantern
(4) Sky lights

41. Fill in the blank with a correct option.
A king post truss is suitable for roofs of span varying from ________.
(1) 2m to 5m
(2) 5m to 8m
(3) 8m to 11m
(4) 12m to 15m

42. Which flooring material is used in the parquet flooring?
(1) Magnesite
(2) Asphalt
(3) Timber
(4) Plastic

43. How much percentage of photosynthetically active radiation is transmitted on an average into the greenhouse by UV stabilized polythelene?
(1) 57
(2) 67
(3) 77
(4) 87

44. In green house cultivation, temperature at which plant can grow depends upon?
(1) Species
(2) Radiant energy
(3) Carbon dioxide concentration
(4) All of these

45. What is the solid ground on which the foundations rest called?
(1) Footing
(2) Plinth
(3) Foundation bed
(4) Super – structure

46. Fill in the blank with one of the options given below.
The doors should preferably be located near the corner of a room, at a distance of about ___________ mm from the corner.
(1) 300
(2) 250
(3) 200
(4) 150

47. What tests the soundness of cement?
(1) Air permeability method
(2) Le – chatelier method
(3) Vicat’s apparatus
(4) All of the above

48. In which case is the service life of green house covering material highest?
(1) Acrylic sheet
(2) Polycarbonate sheet
(3) Fibre glass reinforced plastic panels
(4) Polyethylene sheet

49. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.
The crushing strength of a good structural stone should be greater than ________ N/mm2.
(1) 100
(2) 75
(3) 50
(4) 25

50. What is the minimum clearance required between the bottom of a vertically driven turbine type pump and the floor of the jack well?
(1) 1 m
(2) 1.5 m
(3) 2m
(4) 2.5m