Oct 26, 2016

Basic Computer General Knowledge Questions Answers

Basic Computer General Knowledge Questions Answers
1. A screen list of options in a program that tells you what is in that program ____________
(a) screen
(b) icon
(c) menu
(d) backup
(e) None of these

2. What type of computers are client computers (most of the time) in a client-server system?
(a) Mainframe
(b) Mini-computer
(c) Microcomputer
(d) PDA
(e) None of these

3. Which of the following is an example of connectivity?
(a) CD
(b) floppy disk
(c) power cord
(d) data
(e) Internet

4. The Internet allows you to ________________
(a) send electronic mail
(b) view Web pages
(c) connect to servers all around the world
(d) all of the above
(e) None of these

5. A 32-bit word computer can access bytes at a time.
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 16
(d) 32
(e) 30

6. A megabyte is actually equal to ________________ kilobytes.
(a) 100
(b) 1000
(c) 1024
(d) 1024 × 1024
(e) None of these

7. Editing a document consists of reading thorough the document you’ve created, then ____________
(a) correcting your errors
(b) printing it
(c) saving it
(d) deleting it
(e) None of these

8. How many bits are there in a byte?
(a) 20
(b) 4
(c) 16
(d) 24
(e) 8

9. What is the full form of ‘GUI’?
(a) Gnutella Universal Interface
(b) Graphical User interface
(c) Graphic Uninstall/Install
(d) General Utility interface
(e) None of these

10. _______________ is a data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.
(a) A process
(b) Storage
(c) Software
(d) Information
(e) None of these

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
c b e d a c d e b d

Computer Knowledge Question and Answer

Computer Knowledge Question and Answer

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