Jun 5, 2016

WBSSC LDA / LDC Model Solved Question Answer Paper

WBSSC LDA / LDC Model Solved Question Answer Paper

WBSSC LDA / LDC Model Question Answer

1. The Plateau which is situated between Himalaya and Kuyenlun mountain is
A. Plateau of Tibet
B. Anatolian Plateau
C. Deccan Plateau
D. Plateau of Iran

2. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 27. The middle number is
A. 9
B. 11
C. 33
D. 25

3. The para military forces who guarded Nazi meetings and attacked the gatherings of other parties.
A. Elite Guards
B. Gestapo
C. Red Shirts
D. Storm Troopers

4. Give the opposite of the given word by adding a suitable prefix. Choose the correct prefix from the alternatives given below: __________revocable
A. il
B. ir
C. In
D. im

5. Which of the sentences given below correctly render the following sentence in indirect speech. ‘Are you all right? I asked my children.
A. I asked my children are they all right?
B. I asked my children are you all right.
C. I enquired of my children are you all right?
D. I asked my children if they were all right

6. Flowers in a basket double themselves after every minute. In an hour the basket is full. The basket would be half full after
A. 45 minutes
B. 50 minutes
C. 89 minutes
D. 58 minutes

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7. Supreme court has recently directed the Election Commission of India to provide a special button on Electronic Voting Machines to allow voters to:
A. Accept all candidates
B. Reject all candidates
C. Record challenge vote
D. Record tender vote

8. Equal quantities of heat are supplied to two different metallic balls of equal mass. Which ball will have higher temperature? Given Specific heat of 1st ball is less than specific heat of 2nd ball. a1 = temperature of 1st ball a2 = temperature of 2nd ball
A. a1 < a2
B. a2 < a1
C. a1 = a2
D. a1 = a2 = infinity

9. One fourth of the saving in a bag was spent. The remaining money was divided in 9 part each of Rs. 5.20. The amount of the savings in the bag is
A. Rs. 62.40
B. Rs. 55
C. Rs.43.40
D. Rs.41.20

10. “India is the gift Himalaya” told by
A. Vinscent Smith
B. Ramesh Chandra Majumder
C. K. M. Panickar
D. Jadu Nath Sarkar

11. Fill in the blanks with the correct word denoting collection. ‘The __________ of trustees.’
A. panel
B. Group
C. Bench
D. Board

12. Choose the antonym of the quoted word. She can’t attend office as she’s’ unwell’.
A. Indisposed
B. Unhealthy
C. fit
D. ailing

13. The treaty brought about an end to the war among belligerent nation. The ‘opposite of “belligerent” would be
A. peaceful
B. generous
C. magnanimous
D. calmly

14. Our chairman speaks English _________ well.
A. Besides
B. Hardly
C. Quite
D. enough

15. Tata Iron and Steel Company is located in
A. Orissa
B. Bihar
C. Jharkhand
D. Madhya Pradesh

16. Walking at 4.5 km. in 1 hour a clerk reaches his office 5 minutes late. If he walks 3.5 km. in 40 mins. He would reach the office 4 minutes early. The distance of office is
A. 84 km.
B. 3 km.
C. 4.725 km.
D. 4.250 km.

17. ‘Trespass’ means:
A. Leave without permission
B. Leave with permission
C. Enter without permission
D. Enter with permission

18. The interest on Rs.300 for 3 years is Rs.27. The rate of simple interest is
A. 3%
B. 10%
C. 2%
D. 5%

19. The average weight of 7 apples increases by 10 gins, if one of them weighing 120 gms is replaced by another. The weight of new apple is
A. 190 gms
B. 70 gms
C. 84 gms
D. 42 gms

20. The Government project MGNREGA stands for
A. Mahatma Gandhi National Regional Education Guarantee Act
B. Mahatma Gandhi National Regional Empowerment Generation Act
C. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
D. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Energy Generation Act
Questions Answers
1 A
2 A
3 D
4 B
5 D
6 C
7 B
8 B
9 A
10 C
11 D
12 C
13 A
14 C
15 C
16 C
17 C
18 A
19 A
20 C

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