May 16, 2016

United India Insurance Model Question Administrative Officer

United India Insurance Model Question Administrative Officer

UIICL Model Question Paper

Directions (1-5) : In each of the following questions two key words have been written in a code language. The letters in the code equivalent are not necessarily in the same order as letters in the key word for which they stand. Under them a third word has been given which has been written in four different code languages including the one in which the key words have been written. Find the alternative which may be the code equivalent in the code of the key words. That is your answer.

1. POSTMAN bfglrvz OMEN dfrz NORTH
(1) dfrvz
(2) dfgxz
(3) bclrz
(4) dcfoz

2. STEAL ijkps EARN fnpt BLEAK
(1) gnkpt
(2) fgjkp
(3) fgjmp
(4) tjnps

3. RAISE nprtu CLASH bruxy SLATE
(1) nruxy
(2) npruy
(3) Nprty
(4) mnruy

4. COLUMN aioqrw BIRTH gmtvx LENGTH
(1) nirstwx
(2) grtuvw
(3) kmnrvw
(4) aimvwy

5. MASTER bnpqvx SECOND C abjnow NORTH
(1) amvwx
(2) abnvx
(3) bnqvx
(4) abnwx

Directions (6-10): In the following questions ‘a’ stands for ‘equal to‘. ‘b’ for ‘greater than‘, ‘g’ for ‘less than’ and ‘d’ for ‘not equal to‘

6. If 6x α 5y, 2y ß 3z then
(1) 2x γ z
(2) 2x ß 3z
(3) 4x α 3z
(4) 4x ß 3z

7. If ax γ by, bx α cz, b2α ac then
(1) y ß z
(2) y γ 2
(3) ay α cz
(4) ax ß cy

8. If abxy α c2z, bx ß ay, b2 α ac then
(1) ax2 ß cz
(2) bx2 ß c2z
(3) a2x2 ß cz
(4) b2x ß c2z

9. If bcy γ ax, cy α bz, a2 γ bc then
(1) cx γ abz
(2) cx δ abz
(3) czx γ a3z
(4) cx α abz

10. If a2x α byz, czx α b2y, c2z α axy then
(1) abc ß xyz
(2) abc γ xyz
(3) abc α xyz
(4) abc δ xyz

United India Insurance Company Administrative Officer - Generalist & Specialist Preparation Questions Answers 2016

UIICL Administrative Officer Generalist Specialist Syllabus Question Paper Pattern 2016
United India Insurance Question Paper Administrative Officer

Directions (11-15) : Following questions are based on the following statement :

Of the five cities A, B, C, D and E, two are hill-stations and three are in plains of which two are sea ports. Four of these five cities are state capitals. Two of these cities are industrial towns. Two have a population of less than 5 lakhs each, one has a population of about 20 lakhs while each of the remaining two has a population of more than 50 lakhs. Two of these cities are located on the same latitude while two others are located on the same longitude. The two sea- ports have neither a common latitude nor a common longitude and one of them is an industrial town. One of the two cities having the same latitude is an industrial town. Both the industrial towns have a population of more than 50 lakhs each. One of the hill-stations has a longitude common with a sea-port while the other has neither the latitude nor the longitude common with any other city. One of the two industrial town is neither a hill station nor a sea port. None of the hill-stations is an industrial town. Only one of the hill-stations which has its longitude common with a sea-port is a state capital. B is a hill-station while E has its longitude common with A and is a sea-port. D has its latitude common with C and has a population of about 20 lakhs.

11. Name the city which is neither a hill-station nor a sea port.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

12. Which city other than E is a seaport?
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

13. Which two cities are industrial cities?
(1) A,C
(2) C, E
(3) C, D
(4) D, E

14. Which two cities have a population of more than 50 lakhs each?
(1) C, E
(2) B, D
(3) A, C
(4) D, E

15. Name the city which is a seaport but not an industrial town.
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

Directions (16-20) : In each of the following questions three words are given which are related in some way. This relationship is indicated by one of the four diagrams given below. The diagram showing the relationship among the words in the question is your answer.
united india insurance administrative officer previous papers

16. State, Country, City

17. Table, Chair, Furniture

18. Dog, Cat, Mammal

19. Teacher, Graduate, Player

20. Copper, Paper, Wire

Directions (21-30) : Below are given some statements. On the answer sheet mark
(1) if the statement is a desire
(2) if it is an admonition.
(3) if it is a threat
(4) if it is an entreaty.

21. Contribute liberally to the Prime Ministers Relief Fund. It will be a genuine expression of your sympathy for the victims of the latest holocaust.

22. Let India emerge in the 21st century a strong and vibrant nation.

23. Non-compliance with the latest orders may lead to your disqualification.

24. Because of your irresponsible behavior that innocent person had landed in police lockup.

25. He has a strong urge to rise to the top in his department.

26. Please do oblige by joining us at the dinner.

27. Have you gone mad to have come up with such a silly proposal?

28. How about going round and propagating the message of love and tolerance among the masses?

29. I give you one more chance. In case you do not improve you know what I am going to do.

30. You are a terrible fool to have made a mess of the whole affair.

Questions Answers
1 4
2 3
3 4
4 3
5 1
6 4
7 1
8 1
9 2
10 3
11 3
12 4
13 2
14 1
15 4
16 1
17 2
18 2
19 3
20 4
21 4
22 1
23 3
24 2
25 1
26 4
27 2
28 4
29 3
30 2

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