Feb 12, 2016

Railway RRB Non-Technical Model Question Papers

Railway Recruitment
1. 10 years ago father was seven times as old as his son. 2 years hence twice his age will be equal to five times his son. What is the present age of son?
(a) 15 years
(b) 14 years
(c) 13 years
(d) 12 years

2. The factors of x2 + xy – 2xyz - 2z are
(a) (x-y)(x+2z)
(b) (x+y)(x-2z)
(c) (x-y)(x-2z)
(d) (x+y)(x+2z)

3. Where will you find Ventricle in human body?
(a) Kidney
(b) Lungs
(c) Brain
(d) Heart

4. Evaluation of 83 x 82 x 8-5 is
(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) 8
(d) None of these

5. The simplest form of 1.5:2.5 is
(a) 6:10
(b) 15:25
(c) 0.75:1.25
(d) 3:5

6. The famous film maker who dies August 2006 is
(a) Naushad
(b) Bimal Roy
(c) Hrikshikesh Mukherji
(d) Raj Kapoor

7. Out of a, b, c, d which figure will come next to figure (i), (ii), (iii) and (i)?
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8. Find odd one out.
(a) Excel
(b) Mouse
(c) Desktop
(d) Key

9. Find the odd one out.
(a) Naga
(b) Bhil
(c) Gargo
(d) Mikir

10. With which sport is Diveyendu Barua associated?
(a) Chess
(b) Football
(c) Cricket
(d) Shooting

11. There are 40 coins in a bag, consisting of Rs 5 and Rs 2 coins. If the total amount is Rs 140, how many Rs 2 and Rs 5 Coins are there in the bag?
(a) 20 each
(b) 25 and 15
(c) 30 and 10
(d) 22 and 18

12. 6(3-x)-5(2x-4)=4(3x) + 14
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) ½

13. The first Indian Governor of RBI was
(a) L.K.Jha
(b) C.D.Deshmukh
(c) I.G.Patel
(d) None of these

14. X walked 35 meters towards South, then turn left and walked 25 meters and again turned left and walked for 35 meters. He then turned to his right and walked 20 meters. At what distance and direction from the starting point is X now standing?
(a) 20 m West
(b) 45 m East
(c) 20 m East
(d) 45 m North

15. The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is twice the sum of its exterior angles. How many sides does the polygon have?
(a) 8 sides
(b) 9 sides
(c) 12 sides
(d) 6 sides

16. Sam said to Rita “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is Rita related to Sam?
(a) Daughter
(b) Niece
(c) Sister
(d) Mother

17. Four years ago, the average age of A and B was 18 years. At present the average age of A, B and C is 24 years. What would be the age of C after 8 years?
(a) 36 years
(b) 32 years
(c) 28 years
(d) 25 years

18. Unscramble the letter of words and find odd one out.
(a) ORNI
(b) ICAO

19. Which is the greatest five digit number exactly divisible by 279?
(a) 99603
(b) 99882
(c) 99550
(d) None of these
20. Oranges are bought at 5 for Rs 10 and sold at 6 for Rs 15. The profit or loss as percentage is:
(a) 50%
(b) 40%
(c) 35%
(d) 25%
Questions Answers
1 B
2 B
3 D
4 A
5 D
6 C
7 A
8 A
9 D
10 A
11 A
12 C
13 B
14 B
15 A
16 C
17 A
18 D
19 B
20 D

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